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Getting Down to Brass Tacks: LSAT Sufficiency & Necessity

It’s been a while.  Life at Blueprint has been pretty busy, resulting in my extended hiatus from the blog.  But it’s good to be back.
First, let me reintroduce myself.  Riley.  UCLA grad.  Co-owner of Blueprint.  Scored 176 or higher four times on the LSAT.  Taught more LSAT students in the last six years than anyone in the universe (I think).  Unfortunately nicknamed the LSAT Ninja.
Great, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk LSAT.  I recently started teaching a course gearing up for the June LSAT.  In the hopes of aiding my team (as well as all of the other LSAT students out there), I will be authoring weekly blog posts with LSAT tips.
This week: sufficient and necessary.

An LSAT logical reasoning question, compliments of Charlie Sheen.

As anyone knows, Charlie Sheen would ace the LSAT, much like he’s aced living; he’s not just winning, he’s bi-winning. However, the women trapped in his sordid web need to know exactly how well they’re doing in the game of life (lower case to avoid infringement). The following logical reasoning question will test your diagramming abilities as well as provide them with an answer:

Any woman who lives with Charlie Sheen is a goddess. Charlie Sheen lives exclusively in the one-and-only Sober Valley Lodge. Brooke Mueller no longer lives with Charlie Sheen. If you are bi-winning, then you are Charlie Sheen, or you live with him.