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Faith and the Law School Admission Process

Today’s post comes to us from Ann Levine, a law school admissions consultant and the founder of LawSchoolExpert.com. She is the author of The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert.

No, this post isn’t about having “faith” that you will get into the law school you desire. I want to talk about sharing religious involvement in your law school application. Blueprint asked me to answer a question for a blog reader:

Will the faith-based volunteer work on my resume be frowned upon or looked at differently than non-religious experiences?

I really love this question, because the applicant assumes she will share that her work was, in fact, religious in nature.

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September LSAT Wrap Up: What’s Next?

Congratulations! You’ve taken the September LSAT. Now you’re probably looking to do something more productive than spend weeks worrying about your LSAT score. Here’s the good news: you have a ton of work left to do. Ideally, you will complete all the other parts of your law school applications before the September LSAT scores are released in about three weeks.

Here’s a rundown:

Get Law School Recommendation Letters

If you didn’t ask your former professors or TAs for recommendation letters, you have to get on that right away.

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3 Ways To Make Your Law School Application Stand Out

Every outstanding law school application package has a common quality: extreme thoughtfulness. Nothing is submitted haphazardly – everything has a purpose, and everything adds something new to the law school admission committee’s understanding of your experiences and perspective.

Here are three places where you can concentrate your efforts:

1. The law school personal statement is your best opportunity to shine. It allows you to add context to your experiences, to draw a thread through your activities and decisions, and to show growth and focus. This is your best possible interview because you get to pick each word in advance – what an opportunity!