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Re-Taker Question: Can I Reuse LSAT Practice Tests?

Here’s a common dilemma for LSAT preppers: You studied long and hard for the LSAT, but something went wrong. You either didn’t end up taking the LSAT, or you took it and it didn’t go very well. Now you’re set on retaking or rescheduling, but you’re worried that you may have run out of study materials — mainly practice tests — on your first run.

Worry not.

Ideally, you want to have about three new practice tests in reserve. But even if you have zero, you’re still going to be okay.

It’s completely fine to retake and redo old practice LSATs. Sure, you’re going to remember a question or two or three, but this isn’t really a problem.

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Tough Choices Await Those With Low February LSAT Scores

February LSAT scores came out Sunday. Some of you are happy with how you did, so you’ll be applying to law school. Others got a low LSAT score, and have some tough choices to make.

What’s A Low LSAT Score?

It’s hard to say what an objectively low LSAT score is, but let’s give it a shot: A low LSAT score is an LSAT score that will force you into a few hundred thousand dollars of debt and leave you with poor job prospects.

You first need to figure out what schools for which your LSAT score qualifies. Law School Predictor will give you a pretty good idea.

Then, you need to check out Law School Transparency (LST).

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Logical Reasonings / 11.18.13

A) Retaking the LSAT is one thing. Reapplying to law school is another. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) You wouldn’t think there’d be drama at a law school in Wyoming, but sure enough… Above the Law.

C) You’re never too young to go to law school, and you’re never too old to practice law. Just ask Jerome. ABA Journal.

D) Canada really is nice. Today, to commemorate today’s LSAT blog post (we assume), Toronto’s city council stripped mayor Rob Ford of his powers. CNN.

E) If law school doesn’t work out, you can always become a professional cuddler. Yahoo! Shine.

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What Should You Do if You Didn’t Get the LSAT Score You Want?

June 2010 LSAT scores were released on Friday—“released” being a euphemism for invading the inbox of thousands of panic-stricken students feverishly hitting the gmail refresh button in two-second intervals.

At this point, you’re experiencing one of three scenarios:
1.    You scored higher on the June LSAT than you thought
2.    You scored about what you thought
3.    You scored lower on the June LSAT than you thought