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The Spooks and Scares of Being a 1L

With Halloween right around the corner, let’s talk about the scariest parts of law school. Now that I’m almost two months into the semester, it is starting to get downright terrifying here at Columbia, and here’s why:

The Ghostly Specter of Final Exams
Nowadays, the mere reference to finals is enough to send me into a minor panic attack. If you’ve ever been on a roller-coaster before, you know the tick-tick-tick sound that accompanies the steep incline that comes right before a sudden, heart-stopping plunge; that is exactly how everything feels right now—there is this slow, steady build-up to the furious intensity and all-consuming stress that will go along with preparing for and taking exams. Up until this point, it has been easy to push the thought out of my mind and put off worrying about it, but now I seem to find myself facing the malignant shade of impending finals at every turn.