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Breaking: LSAC to Reduce Time Limits

The Law School Admissions Council captured attention from pre-laws and admissions counselors around the country this morning, issuing a press release concerning their ongoing disability lawsuit. However, buried toward the bottom of the release was the news that really shocked the law school world:

As part of its continuing efforts to make the Law School Admission Test an accurate barometer of the academic capability of future law students, the Law School Admissions Council will reduce the time limit for each section of the exam from thirty five (35) minutes to thirty (30) minutes, beginning with the next test administration.

That’s right. Beginning with the June LSAT, test-takers will only have 30 minutes for every section.

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How to Improve Your LSAT Speed and Endurance

With two weeks and change before the February LSAT, it’s tempting to think that there’s no room for improvement. (Maybe not tempting, but nearly unavoidable.) However, the vast majority of studiers can still improve – even in the week before the test.

Up until this point, you’ve likely been focusing on learning how to answer questions correctly. That, obviously, is pretty important. The trick is translating that ability into answering enough questions correctly in 35 minutes to get the score you want. To do that, you need to master the twin arts of speed and endurance.

Let’s take the latter first.