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Logical Reasonings / 10.1.14

Did the September LSAT frazzle your brain? You’re not alone. Reddit

Is law school right for you? Students from several prominent schools share their thoughts. USA Today

More about Canada’s discriminatory — oops, make that “Christ-centered” — law school. Above the Law

Federal officials indicted the maker of a popular spying app. And yet the maker of a popular spying jet pack gets off scot-free. Washington Post

24 outrageous stories about Prince. I will now attempt to type the ‘Artist Formerly Known As’ symbol: O(+>. Eh? Vulture

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September LSAT Wrap Up: What’s Next?

Congratulations! You’ve taken the September LSAT. Now you’re probably looking to do something more productive than spend weeks worrying about your LSAT score. Here’s the good news: you have a ton of work left to do. Ideally, you will complete all the other parts of your law school applications before the September LSAT scores are released in about three weeks.

Here’s a rundown:

Get Law School Recommendation Letters

If you didn’t ask your former professors or TAs for recommendation letters, you have to get on that right away.

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September LSAT Wrap Up: To Cancel or Not To Cancel

So you took the LSAT on Saturday. It wasn’t the dreamlike experience you hoped it would be. Now you’re wondering, “Should I cancel my score?” We’re here to help.

First, let’s go over what it means to cancel your LSAT score, and how to do it. LSAC has to receive your cancellation request within six days of the LSAT. You can send your request by fax or overnight mail; there’s no way to cancel your LSAT score online. LSAC tells you exactly what to send to cancel your LSAT score.

If you cancel your September LSAT, law schools will see that you took the test, but they won’t ever know what you would have scored. And neither will you; your September LSAT score will be forever a mystery. It will, however, count toward your limit of three LSAT administrations within two years even if you cancel.

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Logical Reasonings / 9.29.14

If you took the LSAT this weekend, make sure to check out our Instant Recap thread. MSS

And might be worth checking Top Law School’s September LSAT thread, as well. TLS

What not to do on a law school personal statement. US News & World Report

Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the worst Supreme Court decision. Above The Law

The bigger the tusk, the sexier the narwhal. HuffPo

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2014 September LSAT: The Morning Cometh

The September LSAT is over! Let’s take a moment to celebrate on behalf of everyone who conquered the LSAT beast.

Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to take a closer look at the test. Those of us who didn’t tangle with the LSAT yesterday have been scouring the interwebs for the hot gossip on the test. While test-takers are forbidden by LSAC from discussing specifics, generalities are A-OK, so we can get a sense of the general consensus.

Just as in June, most of the buzz about this test seems to be focusing on the Logic Games section. Based on what we’ve heard, the games weren’t extraordinarily difficult, but they were more time-consuming than usual. There wasn’t necessarily a super-quick and relatively easy game, as there often is, which led in some cases to difficulty with finishing the section.

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2014 September LSAT Instant Recap

You did it. The September LSAT is over. Take a moment to celebrate.

Gif via USA Today

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way… How did it go?

In the comments below, let us know your feelings about today’s LSAT. How difficult did you find it? Which section(s) tripped you up? Did anything crazy happen at your testing center? How awesome is that soccer coach GIF?

We want to hear your thoughts.

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Chill Out: The Day Before The LSAT

The LSAT is tomorrow. You’ve been through a lot already. You’ve gazed into the abyss, and saw fractal geometry and a mauve dinosaur gazing back at you from the darkness.

You’ve come to fear and worship your LSAT instructor. You may have sent them some poetry, and a panicked 4 AM email or three. Okay, that stuff was kinda weird, but we get it. You weren’t yourself. LSAT prep is rough.

But now is the time for recovery. You need to be at your best tomorrow; so you’re not gonna study anymore. You will rest.

Like a word class athlete, you’ve spent the last several months preparing your body, your mind, and your clear plastic Ziploc bag. Today you deserve a training montage, a little extra sleep, and to catch up on your shows.

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Logical Reasonings / 9.26.14

A Yale undergrad offers her thoughts on tomorrow’s (!) LSAT. Yale Daily News

Five reasons law school is hard. Only five? About.com

Good news for those of you are totally bonkers: a loose screw might actually help your law career. Above the Law

Here’s a Google Chrome add-on that could very well become essential for law students. Bestlaw

8 normal activities that become bone-chillingly weird with eye contact. College Humor

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4 Keys to Review Before the September LSAT

It’s the last week before the LSAT. Now isn’t the time to try to cram in all kinds of complicated concepts. Your task is to apply the skills you have as well as you can. I’ve seen a lot of students stray from basics with the pressure of LSAT test day fast approaching. Here are some key concepts to review as you try to get those last few points in the bag.

Logical Reasoning

Conditional Logic and Diagramming:
If. Only if. Unless. Whenever. No. The only. Without. If you had anything less than an immediate, automatic response to any of those words, it’s time for you to review conditional logic. You can count on it figuring into a sizeable chunk of Logical Reasoning questions. When you see conditional logic, it’s an enormous advantage to know your indicator words.

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One Week Until The September LSAT

Well, folks, it’s officially one week until the LSAT. This is your last Saturday to bone up, review, and hyperventilate.

You may be thinking that an impossible task lies before you. That there is no possible way you will successfully complete this evil brainchild of LSAC’s mysterious overlords. I’m here to tell you that’s not true.

Thousands up thousands of people take the LSAT every year, many of them far less prepared than you. The very fact that you’re here – that you read this blog or you take one of our classes – puts you a step ahead of many of your ill-prepared peers. So remember that, as you silently remind your lungs to breathe every couple of seconds, to avoid passing out from stress.