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You’ve made it through a thousand snaps today — a friend’s selfie with a pink mustache, a plate of questionable looking food with “Yummers!” scrawled across it, your significant other’s, um, beautiful, er, appearance — but what did you get out of it? Sure, you filled a certain amount of hours without doing something icky like being productive. But, you need to, y’know, be productive.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.29.15

A) Four ways to pick a cost-efficient law school. US News and World Report

B) How one law school’s associate dean uses social media in the classroom. I hope it involves cute puppies on Tumblr. Above the Law

C) Is it too late to apply for law school? The clock is ticking. (Metaphorically, at least. Who has an analog clock these days?) Pen and Chisel

D) Elizabeth Warren is a boss, and when it comes to regulating banks she will NOT BE DENIED! Wall Street Journal

E) Receipt Brazenly Placed In Bag Without Permission. The gall. The Onion

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Logical Reasonings / 10.31.14

Just a couple more days to enter our caption contest and win a Logic Games book… MSS

Make sure to clean up your social media presence before you apply to law school. Pen and Chisel

Law school according to (fake) Kanye West. Thought Catalog

6 horror movie villains who do NOT belong in jail. I’ll add the plants from The Happening, though in that case M. Night Shyamalan should go to jail for shoddy storytelling. Above The Law

The best Halloween costumes on the internet. Don’t feel bad about yours, though. io9

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Logical Reasonings / 11.26.13

A) Timing is everything. In law school admissions, especially. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) Florida has an idea for fixing law school debt. You know, for law grads who lost their receipt. ABA Journal.

C) Hobby Lobby and birth control. Just another day in the life of the Supreme Court justice. USA Today.

D) Several people tried covering up the Steubenville rape case, and now they will face trial. NPR.

E) We really liked social media in 2012. Almost as much as we like it now. Quartz.