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An Update from the Land outside LSAT Study

We’re just over two and a half weeks from the June LSAT. This signifies a number of things, but most important is that you are probably in a blind panic and have not seen the sunlight in well over three days.

When last you visited the wide world of outside, Tiger Woods was still making headlines for bedding over 100 women out of wedlock. The NBA Playoffs were going on. You still had vestiges of sanity.

A lot has happened since then. Tiger’s been pushed aside to an extent, in favor of Lindsay Lohan going to jail. The NBA Playoffs are still going on. You are currently chewing on your hair and mumbling about contrapositives.

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Las Vegas: City of Sin (and LSAT Fallacies)

I recently returned from a trip to Vegas.  Well, actually, I returned about two weeks ago, but my wallet and my soul have just recently recovered.

Seeing as I am unable to ever completely shake the LSAT out of my brain (even after twelve beers at the pool and too many tequila shots to recall), I kept noticing that people use some pretty flawed logic inside the hallowed walls of those casinos.  I know that might sound shocking since we normally equate Vegas with rationality and profound intellect, but let me give you a couple examples.

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The Glee of Law School Life

World, rejoice.  The new season of Glee has returned to our televisions.  Which not only means that entertainment journalists across the country have an excuse to use the term “Gleek” again (get it?), but for an hour a week I can indulge my weakness for pop music remixes, impossible plot lines, and a world where the hot jock really does fall in love with the nerdy girl*.  Added bonus: it’s back, like a ray of light piercing the darkness, just in time for the return of finals’ season.  Sometimes the world just makes sense.

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The LSAT Down Under: Jay’s Trek through the Southern Hemisphere

The prodigal professor. The globetrotting guru. The traveling tutor. Whatever you want to call me, my name is Jay and I am freshly back in to the good ‘ol US of A teaching Blueprint LSAT classes in Irvine. On top of being thrilled to be back in the fantastically plastic Orange County, I find I

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The LSAT Catwalk: Logic in Project Runway

I love Project Runway. There, I said it. Heidi Klum is gorgeous and nice (two characteristics that rarely go together) and Tim Gunn is even, if possible, nicer. Plus, he’s got great fashion sense. (Watch enough episodes and it’s always the idiots who don’t listen to his thoughtful “hmmm…I don’t know about the hot pink ruffles” who get auf wiedersehen’ed that night).


Suffering from Post-LSAT Depression?

The signs are all around us. You’ve seen them: listless bodies walking blankly around town at dusk, a preponderance of frighteningly pale and sickly young people lurking about your neighborhood bars and restaurants, and an ever increasing number of confused individuals emerging from the shadows, devoid of people skills and all-around cleanliness. No, this is