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September 2009 LSAT Blog Carnival

With September scores out less than a week ago, we know many of you are still experiencing PTLD (Post Traumatic LSAT Disorder). This entails obsessing about how you did, wondering how others fared, and deciding whether truck driving school is a viable career option (because who needs this bullshit, anyway). We can’t help you with

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LSAT Conversation Hearts: Do law students discuss their scores?

It’s been a weekend of questions. For many students, there were 101 on that delightful little test. For me, there were even more as those 101 got repeated back in pieces, interspersed with inquiries about cancelling and calls for my evaluation concerning entrance scores to every school from Online U to Yale. In case you

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Navigating the Law School Cocktail Party

It’s no secret that I’m not really a lady. I mean, I try. I’m a vigilant Facebook photo detagger. When I realize people are staring at me because I’m talking at my natural volume, aka SHOUTING, I lower my voice. At the library I’ll even whisper. Frat parties are officially a thing of my past. But I consistently seem to fall short, especially when attending one of the many social and networking events that schools throw for their 1Ls.

Consider a recent event, where your typical crowd-pleasing chicken dish was served. I was clearly more pleased than most as I maneuvered every piece of that succulent poultry into my belly. Noticing a classmate sitting near me staring, I realized that I may have let my table etiquette slide. I tried to weakly make light of the situation, with a remark about how my mother always told me to clean my plate.

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The Lost LSATs

Very recently, I was in one of the world’s most beautiful places (Kauai), when regrettably, I got really sick. As in ten days of not being able to get up and walk outside sick. As in I was stuck in a room staring at the walls like a POW sunrise to sunset. It sucked.

By the fourth day in this miserable (albeit well appointed) prison cell, I had read every book I’d brought, twice. I’d read the entire internet. I’d even acquiesced to reading the fairer sex’s tripartite news lifeline: People, Us, and Life & Style. (The last of these experiences was profoundly damaging, and looking back at it, I now believe that it exacerbated my illness).

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From the Mouths of 1Ls

There are two things in this world that I pride myself on; my unfailing ability to consume Indian food in far greater amounts than my BMI indicates is possible, and my ability to use and manipulate any and all of the less savory words found in the English language. And by “abilities” I mean compulsions. And by pride I mean “things of which I am secretly deeply ashamed.”

Fact is, though, give me some vindaloo and naan, and I’ll put it back while telling you to “Shut your —- mouth, —–sucker.” I just can’t help it. Call it bad breeding, call it blue collar roots, call it a badge of honor. Call it what you will, but I have a mouth that would put Kathy Griffin to shame. Thank god I’m not a redhead.

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Welcome Dixie Tananbaum!

Since most of our readers are running headlong into law school, we thought we’d give you the insight of someone who’s making the plunge.

Meet Dixie Tananbaum (not her real name, but we thought that certain details should be altered to protect the innocent). She’s a rising first year at a top-tier law school in NYC. Dixie will be blogging about her experiences at law school, from the summer of anticipation to the hot guy who makes her feel dangerous in a safe way, to the vending machine in the law library at 2AM that lacks Funyuns, and beyond.