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LSAT Test Day Horror Stories

Over the years, I’ve had lots of experience with the LSAT. It’s been an uncomfortably large part of my life, even. As prep for the October LSAT really gets into swing, here are some true stories about what you’re all looking forward to: LSAT test day. Make of them what you will.

1. What does it mean to pass the LSAT?

Our first story comes from one of my own experiences taking the LSAT. After keeping us outside for an hour waiting for a fax from LSAC that never came, the proctors finally seated us in a big law school lecture hall. While going through the test day instructions, one proctor repeatedly said that they were being strict only because they needed to follow the rules, and “we really hope you all pass.” Again and again, “we really hope you pass,” while every single test taker in the room pulled an eye muscle from rolling them too hard.

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