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Good Luck on the June LSAT

It seems a pitiable thing to offer empty words of good luck as some sort of benediction as you enter your last 24 hours prior to the LSAT. Instead, I’ve made the unilateral and completely UCLA-biased decision to offer you some words of wisdom from the Wizard of Westwood, John Wooden, who passed away on Friday at age 99. Let these be your guide on test day. Good luck, kids. Remember that it’s just a test.

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Time for the Crystal Ball: June LSAT Predictions

I have developed a bad habit.  You see, about a year ago, I began making predictions about upcoming LSAT administrations.  It turns out that LSAT students are highly interested in the topic.  And it has gone rather well so far.  I predicted that the curve for the September test last year was going to be rather forgiving.  I also went out on a limb and predicted that the same would be true for the December LSAT.

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Countdown to the LSAT: Five Tips for Test Day

The clock is ticking… 10 days, 9 days, 8 days, 7 days, 6 days, 5 days…

Yep, the LSAT is less than a week away.  But no need to stress.  Not much more than the rest of your life (higher education, career, attractiveness of your future spouse) is riding on your performance next Monday.

My last day through the ringer was last September.  If you want to get a feeling for what the experience will be like, check out my pre-game post, written in the stressful moments before the big day.

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Studying with Rod: The End of the Road

So, apparently you have some test to take next Monday. It seems like only yesterday that you ran out to greet the friendly FedEx delivery guy as he gave you your fresh set of Blueprint textbooks. It was a sunny day, and you waved across the street to Ms. Johnson, who was talking to the milkman as little Billy practiced his baseball swing in the front yard. “I never realized how corny my neighborhood was,” you thought to yourself, but nonetheless it was a hopeful time, and you said “Gee wiz! I’m going to be a lawyer in no time!” Fast forward 12 weeks to today. You’re woozy and now suddenly aware of how much this battle with the LSAT has taken out of you. Instead of waving to Ms. Johnson, you resist the urge to ask her why the f–k she still has a milkman in 2010.

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LSAT Test Day: What to Eat

We’re less than one week away from ¡THE BIGGEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!, and one of the most important things to do is eat right on Monday. And this is coming from a guy who eats M&Ms for breakfast everyday (in a bowl with milk, with a spoon), so believe me, I’m serious. You’re about to get a three-hour long brain humping courtesy of the good people of Newtown, PA, and you need to be on your feet. So not eating breakfast is really not an option. You want something that is going to stick with you, so granola and yogurt is probably a better option than Cap’n Crunch. Eggs are probably a good idea, hash browns maybe not so much. Coffee is obviously important, but be careful to not drink too much or you’ll have to constantly pee. I have a sort of nutty student with a Capri Sun-sized bladder who developed a system of “tea shots,” where she brews 2 ounces of extra strong tea so that she gets the caffeine without the liquid. I had another who swore by those 5-Hour Energy shots that you get in gas stations. The important thing is that you’re fully alert and energized for when section one begins, so plan out your morning consumption in advance.

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Studying with Rod: Top Five Sacrifices Before the LSAT

Hello to all of you out there who are in the trenches of LSAT preparation. You have a week and a half before test day, and if you are taking the actual LSAT at Pepperdine on June 7th, then I will see you there. I will be the guy in the nose and mustache disguise in an attempt to throw off my tens of fans across the Southland. Imagine that one of your professors told you that an exam was still 11 days away. Plenty of time, right? Alas, as you have heard, the LSAT is not like other exams in college. They say you can’t cram for it, because it tests a skill and a specific way of thinking and not a set of facts or concepts. I tend to agree with this sentiment, but I also think that 11 days is an eternity. As Rubin tells Josh in Road Trip, “I can teach Japanese to a monkey in 46 hours.”

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If You’ve Always Hated School, Don’t go to Law School

Ah yes, 1L is done.  Finished.  Every final has been submitted, every paper written.  My grades are in the hands of God, and I’ve started my summer internship.  It has been a long journey, indeed.

Although to be honest, it really hasn’t.  It turns out that law school is pretty similar to, well, any other sort of school.  There were small differences.  For example, this past year gave me my first chance to tango with the Socratic method.  And what a dance it was.  Plus the people were a little older, the parties a little calmer and the work was taken a little more seriously this time around.  Overall, though, 1L was nothing special.

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NYC LSAT Seminar this Wednesday

Time for some shameless self-promotion! For all you New Yorkers thinking about taking the LSAT, Blueprint will be having a free LSAT seminar on Wednesday, hosted by myself. We’ll be discussing everything having to do with the LSAT, including scoring, strategies, timelines, and the test’s importance in the law school admissions process (spoiler: it’s important). This is also your chance to meet a real live Blueprint LSAT instructor in all of his chiseled-good-looks glory. I’ve been teaching this godforsaken test for quite some time now, so I can answer any questions you might have. As an added bonus, everyone who shows up will be eligible for some sweet, sweet LSAT course discounts.

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How to Work Full Time and Take the LSAT

Growing up, I was just your average Korean girl. Great grades, piano and flute lessons, tutoring younger students, sports, and dreams of being a lawyer/doctor/something lucrative and socially impressive filled my life. I graduated from UCLA, had a brief stint at a “fun job”, and then got my first big girl job at a medical malpractice insurance company. After working there for a couple years, I decided that the next logical step in my big girl life was to get ready to go to law school.

Initially, I tried to prepare by buying a prep book from the bookstore and taking it to the beach to study. Three skip-and-go-nakeds and two tan shades darker, I realized that I needed something a bit more structured to prepare for this test. After furiously researching my options (i.e. asking a friend and doing no further research), I enrolled myself in Blueprint.

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Three Weeks Until the LSAT: Time to get Serious

Yesterday was the last day to postpone your June LSAT date, so as of today you’re officially in it to win it. By this point (three weeks from the big day), you should have been studying a lot, and have hopefully seen some significant improvement. That’s awesome, but there’s no reason to think that the improvement is over. Three weeks is a lot of time, during which you can continue to raise and stabilize your score. A few things to keep in mind, though, as you head forward: