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The People You Meet In Law School

Law school is a lot like high-school. There are lockers, people carry backpacks, and everyone knows about everyone else’s business. We all know that high-school has certain defined social groups (see “The Breakfast Club”). This post is going to discuss the types of people that you meet at law school, both good and bad.

Now, we all know the classic variety of law students — the “gunners.” These are the students who stay late after class to talk to the professor, raise their hand for every volunteer question (and, evil of all evils, ask questions in the last two minutes), and brag about spending every waking moment in the library studying.

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Logical Reasonings / 6.12.15

A) Three things that law students can learn from chess champion Garry Kasparov. (Besides what it’s like to lose to a supercomputer.) Above the Law

B) The ABA is meeting to discuss whether law students should get school credit for paid externships, among other things. National Law Journal

C) Salon has some suggestions for how to fix what’s broken in the law profession. And they think a lot is broken.

D) The Pope is setting up a special court at the Vatican to address the mishandling of sexual abuse cases. Wall Street Journal

E) Robots aren’t any better at predicting Supreme Court decisions than humans. Sorry, Terminators — better luck next time. FiveThirtyEight

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Logical Reasonings / 10.2.14

Don’t be afraid to ask for help in law school. About.com

The pros and cons of taking time off before law school. Pro: Backpack through Europe? Con: Be that guy who backpacked through Europe. Law School Lowdown

Imagine a world without student loans. Dear God… it’s beautiful. US News & World Report

Behind bars, law students find their first clients. Harvard Law Record

The first trailer for the new Pixar movie is here, and the internet loves it. (So do I.) io9