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Logical Reasonings / 9.12.14

Go to law school in NYC? Like to get boozy? Head on over to ATL’s Law School Open Bar. Above The Law

Friend of the blog Anna Ivey debunks an admissions myth. Ivey Files

4 tips for studying in law school. Studying? Dang, I thought it was all fancy lunches and powdered wigs. Law School Toolbox

Former NFL players are taking the Madden video game franchise to court. Here’s a joke for all you Madden junkies: “EA Sports. It’s In The Judicial System.” Game Politics

One more study habit: be any human being but these ones. College Humor

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Logical Reasonings / 8.22.14

Smart people apply to law school. I’m not being facetious, that’s literally the only increasing subsect of law school applicants. Slate

Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks law school should remain stay three years long. Of course, she has a lifetime appointment, so three years is nothing to her. National Law Journal

Here’s one way to stay sane while studying… Above The Law

The Obama administration is proposing a compromise for employers who reject birth control on religious grounds. Thanks goodness compromises proposed by the Obama administration have a 100% success rate. Washington Post

The monkey selfie can’t be copyrighted! FREE MONKEY SELFIES FOR EVERYONE! Ars Technica