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Avoid These LSAT Faux Pas

Some bad habits, like cracking your knuckles or picking your nails, are socially acceptable. But some bad habits are such faux pas that they can never be forgiven among polite company.

We hope that your parents have it covered when it comes to teaching you about social habits to avoid. But when it comes to LSAT faux pas, we’re your guys (and gals). Here are some things to avoid when you begin studying for the LSAT:


Group Study! Group Study?

The LSAT is, by its nature, a solitary pursuit: just you and your trusty #2 pencil against the world, identifying errors in logic and determining which of the following could be true. But sometimes, LSAT-takers prefer to make their one-man (or -woman) wolf packs a little bigger by studying as part of a group. If you’ve been considering recruiting some fellow studiers for a thrilling night of LSAT prep, here are some pros and cons to consider.


Getting Your Study Game Right for the LSAT

If there’s one thing pre-law students have down pat, it’s studying. You don’t decide to go to law school unless you have certain tendencies, and those specific tendencies often correlate with the types of traits that lead a student to, say, take on an extra research project or start an essay — gasp — the week before it’s due instead of the night before it’s due. Basically, pre-law students tend to be pretty damn good at studying.

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Logical Reasonings / 8.22.14

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