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The Ultimate Study Playlist for October LSAT Prep

While in the midst of your October LSAT prep, do you find yourself struggling towards the end of a marathon Logical Reasoning study session? Need a little more juice to get through that last Reading Comp passage? Sounds like you need a bit of a pump up.

I’ve got just the thing.

Add the following tunes to your Spotify/iTunes/vinyl LSAT prep playlist and get ready for some LSAT clairvoyance.

Roger Hodgson – Logical Song

This lovely track features a delicious 80’s synth-pop melody, a catchy chorus line and a saxophone solo. Also, it has “logical” in the title. This should get an automatic submission to your LSAT prep playlist.

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5 Olympic Events that are Perfect for LSAT Prep

The Olympics are now in full swing, but you’d be forgiven for not realizing this if you’re currently studying for the LSAT. The LSAT has a tendency to take up all of your waking hours, filling your days with logic games, reading comp passages, and countless logical reasoning problems. We feel your pain. While it’s important to do plenty of LSAT studying, it’s also important to take breaks to prevent your brain from slowly turning to mush. And what better way to take a break than by watching a quick Olympic event? Now that you can watch all the different sports streaming online, you pick and choose among your favorites. Below I’ve put together a list of Olympic events, and when’s a good time to watch them during your LSAT study.

Olympic Event #1 Perfect for LSAT Prep: 50km Racewalking
Purpose: Meaningless Background Noise
How is this even a sport?

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LSAT Prep Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Monday is Memorial Day, a holiday that celebrates how much people love three-day weekends and commemorates our country’s ability to forget what specific holidays really mean. If you’re like most Americans, you probably have a fun day planned in the park full of sunburns, mosquito bites, and day drinking. But the June LSAT is imminent! So, unfortunate as it is, you can’t spend the entire weekend away from your favorite standardized test. To assist, we’ve got some Memorial Day study tips to help you enjoy the weekend while studying for the LSAT.

Memorial Day Weekend LSAT Prep Tip #1: Don’t take the whole weekend off

The June LSAT is a little over two weeks away, and you can’t break away for a full three days. But do take one day for yourself.

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Supply and (Lack of) Demand: LSAC Hikes LSAT Fees

Life just got a little more expensive.

The cost of taking the LSAT has gone up. If you want the privilege of sitting for one of the world’s most hated tests, it’s gonna cost you $160 – a 15-percent hike. Not only that, but the Credential Assembly Service price jumped up to a cool $155. These prices are already listed on LSAC’s website, and already apply to this June’s test. LSAT fees have gone up before, but usually just by tiny amounts just to keep up with inflation. That seems fair; they can’t be expected to make the LSAT cheaper. But a big increase like this is new.

Why did this happen? Well, as you may remember, LSAT enrollments are way down. For the last couple years, the bad economy was driving scores of college grads into the somewhat-welcoming arms of law schools, and as a result tons and tons of people were taking the LSAT.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.22.12

A) Remember the billionaire inventor of Spanx who bombed her LSATs? Meet Deepti Sharma Kapur, who was in the middle of studying for the LSAT when she came up with the concept of FoodToEat. Betabeat.

B) Is our education system so poor it’s threatening our national security? Condoleeza Rice says so. Time.

C) Congratulations, John Marshall Law School. You topped a list made by US News and World Report. Too bad that list is the top 10 law schools that lead to the most debt. US News.

D) And here are the top 10 law schools that lead to the least debt. Go, Georgia State! US News.

E) Out of more than 10,000 educators surveyed, only 7 percent said they see standardized testing as being essential. Another 82 percent said their school’s break room totally needs better snacks. Good.is.

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Spring 2012 Fashion Trends for LSAT Prep Students

The days are lengthening, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is crossing north over the celestial equator. All of which can only mean one thing – it’s the Vernal Equinox! Winter is over, and spring has sprung. And we all know what that means: Spring fashion! Just because you’re spending your days studying for the June LSAT doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up with the hottest trends. New must-haves for every LSAT student this spring include:

Spring LSAT Prep Fashion Trend I: Sweatpants – Studying for the LSAT all day goes great with a warm pair of baggy sweatpants. You’ll look fantastic as you shuffle to the kitchen for your third pot of coffee. To add a fun twist, don’t wash them for three days; you’ll be too busy with logic games to do laundry anyway. The oily residue will really shine, and the stink will keep disruptive friends and family members away.

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Dumb Daylight Savings and How it Relates to the LSAT

The Daylight Savings Time switch is this weekend! Exciting, right? We’re on the “spring forward” side of things, so at 2 a.m. on Sunday clocks move forward one hour. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that the clock has moved forward an hour, obviously. The sun rises later! The sun sets later! You get one hour less sleep! You forget about it 24 hours later! What a glorious invention Daylight Savings Time is.

If Daylight Savings seems pretty stupid, it’s because it is. It was originally implemented to save electricity, but there are now studies that suggest that it actually causes us to use more energy. DST ruining everything is far from a new phenomenon. The seeds for the idea were planted by none other than Ben Franklin, a man famous for his love of prostitutes and failing to ever be president.

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Five LSAT-Related Things to Give Up for Lent

I confess: I’m no Catholic. I’m not even Greek Orthodox (yes, they have Lent too). But after all the quasi church-sanctioned debauchery that goes on during Mardi Gras, even this Jew gets in the Lenten spirit. So, without further ado, here are 5 LSAT-related sins to rid yourself of:

1. Convincing yourself that doing most of your homework is okay.

C’mon, kids. You know better. Do you know why you’re given a copy of every LSAT question ever released? So you can do every LSAT question ever released. Why, you ask, is this important? Put simply, if you’ve completed every LSAT question then the good folk at LSAC can’t throw anything at you that you haven’t seen. So suck it up and stop slacking.

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How to Mix Football and Studying for the LSAT

Since the Super Bowl way back in February, most Americans have been eagerly awaiting weekends filled with high-flying, hard-hitting football action.

As you might have discovered, college and pro football have been doing their best to distract you from studying for the LSAT. Whether it’s Thursday and Monday night or all day Saturday and Sunday, it almost seems like the NCAA and NFL are trying to take over your life. Add a looming LSAT date into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

With so much riding on this test, it’s of utmost importance that you handle your football consumption with care — especially during this final week of studying for the LSAT. It’s easy to lose an entire day in a daze of football frenzy, much less an entire weekend.