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Top Ten Law School Fears, and Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Here we are, halfway through July, and for some of you it is less than a month away from THE START OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  Yep, for students starting 1L in mid to late August, we are officially in the seventh inning stretch.  On the other hand, for those of us soon to be starting 2L, we are halfway through recovering from the miseries of last year, while eagerly anticipating the good parts we’ll get to relive next.

For those of you studying for the LSAT… enough wasting time, get back to it.

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Through the Interwebs with Sophia: Studying the LSAT on the Beach

Becoming a master of self-disciplined study is probably just as challenging as learning to score high on the LSAT itself.  Sure, you say that you will finish Lesson 2 and the homework in one night. But once you finally finish the videos, you feel like taking a break. Eat, stretch, watch TV, sleep, pray, shower, whatever.

Before you know it, over an hour has passed, and you suddenly realize you’ve been vegetating on the couch watching Forrest Gump on TNT (again). You’d rather run Gump-style, complete with steel leg braces, than flip open to the homework, almost strictly because Lesson 2’s homework includes 30 Must Be True questions, 30 Soft Must Be True questions and 7 logic games along with other drills.  You can’t finish it all in just a few hours if you want to actually master this stuff. But who is going to stop you from watching Forrest run? Nobody. Who is going to force you to work on that logical reasoning? No one. You have to be disciplined enough to get your own butt off the couch.

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Studying with Victoria: Puzzled by LSAT Logic

As our nation celebrated its 234th birthday with fireworks and apple pie, I bundled up in a sweater and did my lesson 1 homework because, after spending a semester translating Plato, I’m used to that not having a life feeling. And the sweater? The “sunny” part of “sunny southern California” is a lie, as is the phrase “June gloom.” It’s gloomy whenever it damn well pleases, which is most of the summer.

But I digress. The homework went well, and dare I say it, I actually enjoyed doing the logic games.  I won’t say that I breezed through each question, but I wasn’t banging my head against the table and cursing the day I decided to go to law school either. All in all, we’ll chalk that up in the win column.

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Advice for the Summer Before Law School

Ah summer, so full of warm weather and relative freedom.  (Unless you’re taking an LSAT course… then it’s so full of warm weather and THE BEST TEST EVER!)  However, this week’s post is not as much for the current LSAT takers, as it is for my friends who will be joining me as 1Ls at law schools across the nation within the next sixty-five days.  As my legal ducklings gear up for the July 4th weekend, and hopefully a month+ of idleness to follow, I thought they might want some input into how that time could be best spent to prepare for their upcoming 1L adventure.  I mean, it’s still a little early to buy your trapper keeper (the good back to school sales never start until mid-August) so what’s a future law student to do in the meantime?

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Technology, ADD, and the LSAT

If you are reading this blog, then there’s a pretty good chance that you hope to get a great score on the October LSAT.  Summer classes are right around the corner, and you are cautiously optimistic because you have heard that the LSAT is hard. Like really hard. The truth is that the LSAT tests a very learnable set of skills, and will not seem as intimidating once you dive into the proper study methods and you learn to think the right way about the exam. The LSAT will test your ability to pick apart logical structure, make deductions, and at times will require you to organize large chunks of information. Make no mistake, this is going to take quite a bit of concentration and focus, which brings me to the point of this post.

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Suffering from Post-LSAT Depression?

The signs are all around us. You’ve seen them: listless bodies walking blankly around town at dusk, a preponderance of frighteningly pale and sickly young people lurking about your neighborhood bars and restaurants, and an ever increasing number of confused individuals emerging from the shadows, devoid of people skills and all-around cleanliness. No, this is not a casting call for the next George Romero zombie flick, nor is it at all related to the ubiquitous and thoroughly tired vampire fad. My friends, what we’re dealing with is a massive outbreak of PLWD: Post LSAT Withdrawal Disorder.

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Does LSAT Study Make you a Functional Law Student?

First off, congratulations to everyone who just recently took that pesky little LSAT.  Don’t worry, with a few minor exceptions, the worst is behind you… now it’s time to sit back and- wait.

As you settle into one of the longest waits of your life, you may be wondering if you will ever again use all that information you spent the last few months learning, practicing and living.   Well this is where I swoop in to assure you, it is not completely irrelevant to your future!

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June 2010 LSAT Recap Blog Carnival

That’s right, kiddies, it’s that time again: the post-LSAT Blog Carnival. We’ve trolled the interconnected tubes and webs for any and all LSAT recaps and reactions. The reviews were…mixed.

“A six hour brain humping courtesy of the law school admissions council.” This blogger’s post was pithy, but it is, if not a “good” tone to start off, at least an indicative one.

Christian declines to state how his LSAT went, but instead focuses on what his ideal testing experience would have been: Augustine of Hippo cooking him a good breakfast of scones and Jesus sitting next to him in the testing center supplying him answers. Oh, and Bono was there. Here’s hoping that some day this psychedelic LSAT dream can become a reality.

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Rod’s June 2010 LSAT Recap: Why I Might Start an Alpaca Farm

I hope that everyone survived the logical whiplash of Monday’s exam, and I suspect that many of you have burned, incinerated, and/or dropped your LSAT books off of a tall structure (that last method of destruction is actually pretty lame. I mean, your LSAT books aren’t going to shatter into a million pieces when they hit the ground, someone’s just going to have to pick them up). To those of you who are done with the LSAT forever, I congratulate you. I know that you are all dying to know how my test day went, and I shall spare no detail (except any intellectual property of the Law School Admissions Council, of course).

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Instant Recap of the June 2010 LSAT

So some of our East Coast correspondents have reported back to us. It appears that for basically the fourth consecutive LSAT, stretching back to the infamous Mauve Dinosaur game from last June, logic games were the make-or-break section.

Apparently, the first few games were relatively simple, but the last game was a monster that echoed the Mauve Dino game.

Any reactions of your own? Thoughts on the test? What are you drinking tonight? Don’t post any answers to questions in the comments, or too much in the way of specifics about the exam, but any immediate thoughts that come to mind, holler at us.