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Logical Reasonings / 6.23.15

A) In defense of J.D. Advantage employment (by the Assistant Dean for Career Services at Penn State’s Dickinson Law). Huffington Post

B) Great news for Elle Woods: You can now get an LL.M. in Fashion Law from Fordham. Above the Law

C) Most unlikely headline subject matter of the week, thanks to the Supreme Court: Raisins. Washington Post

D) You know the sinking feeling you get when you realize you just sent that email to the wrong “John” in your contacts? Gmail is here to save you with their new “Undo Send” feature. Gizmodo

E) Have you ever wondered what the Jurassic World trailer would look life if all the dinosaurs in it were replaced with Dachshunds? No? Well, you can find out anyway. Canine Distractions

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Logical Reasonings / 6.18.15

A) Turns out you can actually learn something from all those hours you spent listening to Serial. Here are eight tips on writing a great brief, based on the State’s brief. Legal Writing Pro

B) More bad news for Uber – a California court ruled that Uber drivers are employees, not contractors, which could end up forcing the company to cough up a big chunk of change to its drivers. Forbes

C) Two pieces of news that may not make you happy: 1) Hulk Hogan has a sex tape. 2) The outcome of his lawsuit against Gawker (which posted the video) might have an impact on all future sex tapes. Fusion

D) SCOTUS ruled that the state of Texas didn’t violate the First Amendment in rejecting a Confederate flag license plate. If only we could get Texas to reject truck nuts, too. ABA Journal

E) The NBA finals as told through Dragonball GIFs. Because why not? Kotaku

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Logical Reasonings / 3.6.15

Alabama’s Supreme Court just became the first in the nation to challenge a federal court order allowing same-sex marriage. The Huffington Post

Here’s an updated timeline of all the rules Mrs. Clinton ignored in regards to her emails. ABC

The future of Obamacare may be decided today, as the nine justices of the Supreme Court will meet privately meet to discuss how they intend to vote. The Huffington Post

A new video of the Boston Marathon bombings was shown to jurors, along with testimony of some of the survivors. CNN

Would it really be that bad to have a bunch of cute stoned bunnies hopping around everywhere you went? The Washington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 9.29.14

If you took the LSAT this weekend, make sure to check out our Instant Recap thread. MSS

And might be worth checking Top Law School’s September LSAT thread, as well. TLS

What not to do on a law school personal statement. US News & World Report

Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the worst Supreme Court decision. Above The Law

The bigger the tusk, the sexier the narwhal. HuffPo

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Logical Reasonings / 8.12.14

Back to (law) school shopping guide! Mine starts and ends with a Ken Griffey Jr. trapper keeper. Above The Law

Your guide to understanding LSAT scores. In a practical sense, not an spiritual one. U.S. News & World Report

Charles Manson has a 25-year old “wife,” and it’s just as creepy as it sounds. CNN

Will Obama get to appoint another Supreme Court Justice? Magic 8 Ball says ‘Ask again later.’ Wall Street Journal

Paul F. Tompkins reflects on Robin Williams’s passing. Fusion

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Logical Reasonings / 8.7.14

A) If you’re looking for some beach reading, check out this list of books for aspiring lawyers. About.com.

B) A new algorithm that allegedly can predict Supreme Court decisions with up to 70% accuracy will be used next term for a Supreme Court fantasy league. Ars Technica.

C) A new York man who sold $20mm in fake French wine bottles has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. ABA Journal.

D) The legal battle over the selfie-taking monkey continues. NBC News.

E) Is dating easier now or in the ’90s? BuzzFeed weighs in. BuzzFeed.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.31.14

A) Warning: You might fall in love with law school. Gawker.

B) Apprenticeships shmapprenticeships. Law school teaches you all you need to know. New York Times.

C) Don’t ever cheat a law student out of free pizza. Huffington Post.

D) Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is coming back for another season. Yahoo! News.

E) Brian has a confession to make: He didn’t really win the internet. Clickhole.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.29.14

A) These law schools had the highest median LSAT scores last year. US News & World Report.

B) The law school curriculum continues to adapt to modern times. Inside Counsel.

C) Looking for a Supreme Court fantasy league? Don’t join this guy’s. ABA Journal.

D) It was a winning day in court for Jesse Ventura. Washington Post.

E) “Tissues” is such a boring term. We should start calling them “sneeze paper.” Huffington Post.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.25.14

A) What’s your favorite number? It might’ve shown up in this week in law school numbers. Law.com.

B) You can invite Supreme Court justices to your wedding. They won’t show, but they might send you a nice letter. Above the Law.

C) She-Hulk is taking a break from saving the world to focus on her lawyering career. ABA Journal.

D) And now, the legal ramifications of zombies not paying taxes. Redline.

E) Helium, meet Morgan Freeman. Digg.

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Logical Reasonings / 7.24.14

A) There’s more than one way to skin a cat/pay for law school. Above the Law.

B) Next item on the docket: Lawyer v. Racism. Huffington Post.

C) Illinois would like the Supreme Court to check the replay on a recent decision. SCOTUS Blog.

D) Today a judge told Alec Baldwin to “be a good boy from now on.” ABA Journal.

E) The plagiarizing Montana senator just dropped the greatest excuse since “my dog ate my homework.” ABC News.