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Rod’s June 2010 LSAT Recap: Why I Might Start an Alpaca Farm

I hope that everyone survived the logical whiplash of Monday’s exam, and I suspect that many of you have burned, incinerated, and/or dropped your LSAT books off of a tall structure (that last method of destruction is actually pretty lame. I mean, your LSAT books aren’t going to shatter into a million pieces when they hit the ground, someone’s just going to have to pick them up). To those of you who are done with the LSAT forever, I congratulate you. I know that you are all dying to know how my test day went, and I shall spare no detail (except any intellectual property of the Law School Admissions Council, of course).

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Don’t Panic, but your June LSAT Test Center is Probably Full

Not to be alarmist, because we are not in the business of inducing panic, but I would like to direct your attention to the situation currently arising with LSAT test centers in New York:

Mother****ers are filling up. Fast.

In fact, if one were to use a word to describe them, if one really wanted to hit the nail on its head, as it were, one might use the word “full”.

This obviously presents a bevy of problems for the average test-taker in Manhattan (i.e. you) but you do have a couple of options.