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Battle LSAT Anxiety with Your Brain (and Butt)

For today’s post we brought in recently licensed marriage and family therapist Megan Riley to share her thoughts on controlling test day anxiety.


When you’re anxious, your body secretes adrenaline. It’s a super basic human response that you’ve probably heard about as the fight-or-flight response. It’s only really helpful though if you are, say, getting ready to fight off a predator. The problem is, there aren’t a whole lot of pouncing mountain lions in LSAT study.

In fact, adrenaline, while wonderful for various physically demanding or life-threatening situations, isn’t so great for taking a test of standardized logic.

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Overcoming the Test Stress of the LSAT

We’ve all been there. The bottle of Jagermeister is empty. Empty beer cans are strewn about your living room. Lined up on the table is the final round of a delicious tequila-based beverage you dreamed up named Tequila Mockingbird.

You’re a little fuzzy on the details, and you have a message from your significant other that says, “We have to talk.” You hear a car pull up. A door slams. Your heart starts racing and you break out in a cold sweat.

And you think to yourself, “Well, at least I’m not taking the LSAT.”

The test stress associated with the LSAT affects everyone who sits for the exam. Add it to the list of things that are unavoidable: Death, taxes and test stress come October 1.