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Getting the Most Out of Your Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is upon us. A holiday in which we commemorate an event that may or may not have happened and may or may not have been an actual Thanksgiving ceremony, in which of a bunch of Pilgrims and Puritans and Wampanoag tribe members (who had just been devastated by disease and who just got hoodwinked into giving up 12,000 acres of their land) allegedly sat down for a feast. We do this while blithely ignoring Wampanoag descendants’ insistence that this was probably a less chill endeavor than your little brother’s second grade play suggests.

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It’s Thanksgiving. You still have to study.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, for those of you not in Canada. The December LSAT is coming up ten days from now. If you’re studying for the LSAT, this weekend may seem like a disaster waiting to happen. It doesn’t have to be.

You need to get some studying in. That’s a given. But you need some time off, too. It’s good for your LSAT score if you can get your mind off the test now and then.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.25.15

A. A dog’s eye view of a wedding, with maudlin music. Bored Panda
B. Monster deals for Black Friday. Don’t forget your old pals here at Blueprint. We could use a new phone. NO TIES, PLEASE. USA Today
C. A professor of law at University of Arkansas, Little Rock is suing his employer under the Freedom of Information Act to get law school admissions data. Awkward times in the break room. Above the Law
D. A Michigan law firm is offering to pay cab/Uber/Lyft fare for drunk revelers on Thanksgiving. MLive
E. Facebook’s AI experimentation is going swimmingly. Fear not. Our future robot masters will treat us as prized pets. Buzzfeed

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December LSAT Tips: Don’t Be a Turkey

If, like former Blueprint instructor Matt Shinners, your Thanksgiving tradition includes a movie marathon, you may have to skip out that family ritual to study for the LSAT. Never fear. In its place, here are Matt’s five movie-themed tips to avoid being a turkey on LSAT day.

1. Anger, fear, aggression. The LSAT are they.
You’ll be going through a range of emotions over the next week and a half. In fact, you’ll probably go through the entire range of emotions over the next week and a half.

This is normal.

Accept that you’ll be scared, angry, lethargic, gassy, etc… and it will be a lot easier to cope with.

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3 Things to be Grateful for on the LSAT

Many of you are probably stressed out about your imminent LSAT exam, and I understand. But rather than focus on the negative, I’m going to get in the Thanksgiving spirit and talk about the aspects of the LSAT for which I am grateful.

(I had a really difficult time cutting this list down, so bear with me if your favorite parts of the test aren’t included on here </sarcasm>.)

1. The Writing Sample
Including the writing sample at the end of the LSAT is downright sadistic. After what, for many, is the most intellectually grueling and stressful experiences of their lives, students are asked to spend an extra half hour handwriting an answer to a ridiculous prompt, which may or may not ever actually get read by admission officers.  (I know, I should tell you how I REALLY feel…)

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How to Study for the LSAT on Thanksgiving Weekend

A prospective law student will perform the following six activities—turkey eating, discount shopping, meeting up with friends, visiting relatives, final paper writing and LSAT studying—on Thursday through Sunday of this week. Each activity will be performed on at least one day. The following conditions apply:

The student must perform turkey eating on Thursday.
LSAT studying must be performed on more days than discount shopping and visiting relatives.
The student’s grades depend on paper writing, and the student’s LSAT score depends on LSAT studying.
The student’s admission to law school depends on the student’s grades and LSAT score.
The December LSAT is a week away.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.26.10

A) The turkey rap. No instruments, just some serious hillbilly voices. Youtube

B) When Tivo confuses Charlie Brown for Charlie Sheen. Failblog

C) Tips on making it through the holidays without gaining weight. Tip#1: don’t eat so much. Health.com

D) Now you can use Wampanoag in a sentence. The History of Thanksgiving. History.com

E) What Thanksgiving logical reasonings could be complete without the 2008 interview where Alaska Governor Sarah Palin pardons a turkey, then gives an interview as others are gruesomely beheaded killed behind her. Youtube

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Six Reasons to be Thankful for the LSAT

Six reasons to give thanks for the LSAT on Thanksgiving day, from your friends at MostStronglySupported.

6.  You get the unique experience of studying on tryptophan.

5.  It provides redemption for a low GPA caused by all those undergraduate days you studied on tryptophan.

4.  You can show up at the dinner table without fear of reprisal for personal hygiene neglect.