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Ready Player 1

If you’re thinking about taking the LSAT in June, you may feel like you’re in limbo at the moment. Prep classes don’t start for a while, but the LSAT is a beast that can take months to master. So what can you do in the meantime to prepare?

Of course, you can start studying for the test now to get a head start on class. This might be a particularly good idea if you know you won’t have a ton of time to study in the two months leading up to the exam.

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The LSAT in Real Life: Thurgood Play Comes to LA

As a company that specializes in LSAT preparation, there are a few topics that are near and dear to our hearts. Dinosaurs? They bring a tear to our collective eye. Altruism? The founding principle upon which all people should base their lives. The oral tradition of native Americans? Gotta have it.

But when pressed, we collectively agree that there is one topic that rises above all the others: the late, great Thurgood Marshall. Old Thurgood has possibly graced the lines of more LSAT questions than any subject in history.

So please understand that when we learned that there was a play called Thurgood coming to the LA area, it was an emotional moment in the Blueprint office. Tears were shed, and we all looked for someone to hug.