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Logical Reasonings / 4.6.15

A) What law schools prepare their students for the bar exam better than the LSAT would predict? It’s an interesting way to rank schools, although keep in mind that schools like Yale don’t show up because the LSAT predicts extremely high bar passage. PreLaw Magazine

B) Three “Don’ts” for law students thinking of transferring. US News & World Report

C) A couple of updates to the law sXXXool prof story from last week. Above the Law

D) A California appeals court ruled against two Christian parents that are suing their kids’ school district for teaching yoga exercises. The parents say the poses are religious, and the court says the parents are dum dums. Wall Street Journal

E) Can the $3.4 million car in Furious 7 really jump between buildings? And, more importantly, AWESOME#&@^!%!$ Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 3.30.15

A) 3 must-do tasks for law students looking to transfer. US News & World Report

B) Wondering what the Credential Assembly Service is? Here’s a primer on LSAC’s bureaucratic baby. Prelaw Guru

C) It might surprise you which law school has produced the most in-house lawyers at Apple. Or it might not, if you’ve already read this article. Above the Law

D) The Daily Show has a new host. Get to know him with some of his best stand-up bits. Slate

E) Speaking of comedy, here are 50 comedians to know in 2015. Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 2.19.15

A) A couple of law schools are admitting students without an LSAT score… but only if you already go to their university.

B) Thinking about transferring law schools? Here’s how it can affect your student loans. Barrister on a Budget

C) It’s time for America’s favorite game show: Bash Cooley Law School! Above the Law

D) What do merging law schools and merging firms mean? Probably a lot more meetings with the word “synergy” in them, for one thing. ABA Journal

E) The internet is freaking out because Beyonce looks like a real human being in leaked photos. Oh, internet. Slate

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Logical Reasonings / 11.12.14

PreLaw Magazine honors 25 law schools for their innovative clinics. PreLaw

It seems law schools are becoming more accepting of transfer students. The American Lawyer

A new Stanford study has some ideas on how to close the gender gaps at law schools. Stanford News

TestMasters and Test Masters are in some kind of legal battle. Better just stick with Blueprint. National Law Journal

Usher’s new single is available exclusively in Honey Nut Cheerios boxes being sold at Walmart. So if you thought art was dead… you were right. Billboard