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20% Off Tutoring Ends Tonight!

Great news, everybody! Our sale on all Blueprint tutoring packages is still going on. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and this particular sale is going to end tonight at 6:30 pm PT. Until then, you can get 20% off of both our tutoring packages and hourly tutoring by entering the promo code SUMMER20 at check-out.

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This Week: 20% Off All Blueprint Tutoring Purchases!

To those studying for the September LSAT, let’s do an exercise. Take out a calendar, and flip open to today’s date–July 31st, the year 2017. If you’ve abandoned sturdy, reliable paper calendars for the whims of technology, open to that date on the calendar app on your phone. Now, keep a finger on that date and open to the date of September 16th, 2017. Count the days between the two dates. Assuming your counting skills are on point, you should have counted 47 days.