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What Majors Are Best for Law School?

Undergrads with dreams of eventually attending law school often wonder if there are certain majors that will better prepare you for law school (or that will make your application look better). I’ll go ahead and end the suspense now: There’s definitely no mandatory major if you plan to head to law school. With that said, you can definitely do some thinking and maneuvering to put you in the best position when it comes time for applications. Here’s some general tips and advice for when you’re deciding:

The most important thing is to do something that you know you’ll do well at. With law schools being a numbers-oriented business, that’s the most important piece of advice I can give.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.27.15

A) Don’t waste your time editing an undergraduate law review. There are way more fun ways to waste your time at undergrad! Above The Law

B) When it comes to elite law schools, a great LSAT score is a binary prerequisite for admission: either you have it or you don’t. Law and More

C) Applying to law school this fall? It’s never too early to start your research. Girl’s Guide to Law School

D) The Seattle Seahawks are trying to trademark the word “boom” and the number “12.” They should look into the availability of “douchebags.” Jonathan Turley

E) Ghostbusters is back! Paul Feig announced his cast, and here’s everything we know. I just hope “Gozer the Gozerian” makes its way back into the lexicon. SplitSider

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Logical Reasonings / 9.24.14

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How Facebook and OKCupid broke the law by experimenting on users. This sounds like The Island of Dr. Moreau except weirder. Medium

Jersey Shore‘s Mike Sorrentino was charged with tax evasion. Seems like a pretty nasty… something. What’s the word I’m looking for? Circumstance? Condition? Yahoo

5 times experts shot down idiot news anchors. If only it were 5,000,000. Upworthy

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Logical Reasonings / 8.27.14

Undergrad class choices matter on law school applications? So much for my Rhythmic Gymnastics minor. US News

Why law school rankings matter more than for other programs. T14 or bust! Forbes

Law school in Canada is much different. Above The Law

Who’s who in the trail of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell. All very interesting, but my question is “Who are they wearing?” Wall Street Journal

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