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Job Placement Is Up for 2014 Law Grads

According to the National Association for Law Placement (NALP to the initiated), job placements for law school grads went up in 2014 after years of steady decline. So congrats everyone! We’re all getting elite jobs at the firms of our choosing. Six-figure starting salaries to start. Don’t forget to politely ask as soon as you’d like to make partner. And even though George Clooney is taken, there are plenty of other beautiful people to come home to after a long day of defending the world’s disenfranchised.

Well, okay. Maybe we should look a little more closely at the numbers before we get ahead of ourselves. Here’s what the NALP is saying: in 2014, almost 87% of law school graduates found employment within ten months of graduation. That is up 2.2% from 2013. Not entirely shabby. The median salary: $63K, up slightly from 2013.

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