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Logical Reasonings / 9.16.11

A) An absolute must-read on the admissions data scandals at Villanova, Illinois and beyond (after reading our thoughts, of course.) National Law Journal.

B) The professor who called law school a scam is at it again, this time with a petition aimed at bringing attention to schools lying about LSAT scores. Plan B: Force every law school president to watch Liar Liar until they change their deceitful ways. Wall Street Journal.

C) Plan C: The same as Plan B, but with A Few Good Men — which allegedly based Tom Cruise’s character on four different dudes. ABA Journal.

D) Law schools have more curves than Scarlett Johansson’s photo album. (Rimshot!) Above the Law.

E) Car crashes aren’t funny. Unless this guy’s narrating one. Huffington Post.

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Villanova Scandal Shows LSAT Scores Matter to Schools, Too

There’s a lot of buzz going on right now about Villanova’s Law School. Diverse Education reports that “Villanova’s average LSAT scores were padded by two to three points between 2005 and 2009…The median GPA was raised by up to 0.16 points.”

While the law school didn’t lose its ABA accreditation, it certainly could have. Instead, the bar association issued a public censure that the law school must display on its web site for two years. Not exactly great for the law school’s image.

As a student you’re probably interested in a high LSAT score to get into the best law school possible. But why would a law school care enough about its average LSAT scores to lie about it and run the risk of losing its accreditation?

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Law Schools in the News: Cooley Losing Its Cool

Here’s a fun tidbit to start your week off with.

Have you heard of The Thomas M. Cooley Law School? You should have, as they’re the second best law school in the country, according to The Thomas M. Cooley Law School. They do their own rankings, putting themselves above schools such as Stanford and Yale. This is quite different from where US News and World Report ranks them, which is right in the fourth (or “worst”) tier. To be fair, Cooley’s rankings count the important things that USNWR tends to ignore, such as number of chairs in the library and total square-footage. What good is a law school like Yale if there’s nowhere to sit?

What’s the point of all this?

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Guess What, Stanford? You Can Never be the Best

Guess what? The rankings still sort of suck.

If the US News & World Report rankings didn’t already seem problematic enough, a few weeks ago Bill Henderson of Indiana University came to some conclusions that are a bit annoying, although not that surprising. Henderson is known for studying the rankings, and making models of the rankings to play with. Using these models, he was able to yet again show how these rankings are sometimes based on some crappy measures. Getting back to that in a second.

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US News Law School Rankings: Eh, Can’t Really do Anything About Them

Way back in February, the ABA (American Bar Association) decided it was going to investigate the US News rankings of law schools with the hope, it seems, of finding out if they are at all helpful for prospective law students and law schools in general.

The result, as reported earlier today by Law.com, appears to be a resounding “Eh.”