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Logical Reasonings / 5.1.12

A) The dean at the University of California Hastings School of Law isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. And apparently he isn’t afraid to drop admissions 20 percent this fall. USA Today.

B) Emory Law School provides therapy dogs for finals week, but only because students promised they’d feed and water them every day. 11 Alive.

C) Happy Law Day! (Make sure to get your Law Day candy for half-price tomorrow.) American Bar Association.

D) Now that law school rankings are out, US News & World Report can focus on what’s really important: UFOs. Huffington Post.

E) If he could afford internet access, Joey Lawrence would view this gallery of the funniest forgotten couples of the 1990s and say, “Woah!” BuzzFeed.

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How the New Law School Rankings Should Affect Your Plans

Unless you’ve been skipping my articles (in which case, you probably won’t be reading this one, either), the new US News and World Report law school rankings came out last week. I’ve already given you my reactions to the law school rankings.

Now you have to just ask yourself one question: “How should I use this data in my decision, punk?” Say it in a Clint Eastwood accent for the proper effect.

Many of you are about to put down a seat deposit and finalize your decision on which law school to attend. That’s a huge decision in your life. It’s going to determine your proximate experience over the next three years, and it will have ramifications on the rest of your life (including the possibility of finding your significant other).

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Logical Reasonings / 3.19.12

A) The big news today: The number of people who took the LSAT last year was the lowest total since the turn of the century. Wall Street Journal.

B) See the latest LSAT test taker stats for yourself. LSAC.

C) Duke was as thrilled with the new US News and World Report law school rankings as it was that a 15 seed knocked its men’s basketball team out of the National Tournament. Duke Chronicle.

D) Passing the bar exam is so fun, they made a board game out of it. Uncommon Goods.

E) There was a novelization tie-in for Back to the Future, and it is laughably terrible. io9.

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A Closer Look at the 2013 US News & World Report Law School Rankings

As I’m sure you are aware, the 2013 US News & World Report law school rankings are out. And thus starts the celebrating of 1Ls who picked an up-and-comer, the head shaking of 1Ls who picked Illinois, and the hand wringing of those of you who thought you knew where you were attending next year. The US News & World Report law school rankings can throw a wrench into that decision.

Two quick notes before I start my evaluation.

First, the law school rankings aren’t the end-all/be-all of where you should go to law school. Use them as a guide. Recognize what they are – a reflection of a reflection. They use a formula to incorporate, among other things, perceived prestige of the institution. That doesn’t mean that you’ll fit in and learn more at a higher ranked school.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.15.12

A) This is the final day to submit an entry in our video contest. Get yours in before 11 p.m. PST for your chance to win a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course. Facebook.

B) The US News & World Report rankings have been making plenty of headlines lately. But here’s another law school guide worth a look (as well as an LSAT prep guide). Clear Admit.

C) Oops. The University of St. Thomas School of Law goes up 16 spots in the US News & World Report law school rankings after reporting the wrong job placement data. National Law Journal.

D) You’re never too young for your parents to start planning your college timeline. Huffington Post.

E) In honor of March Madness, here are the 24 best college basketball uniforms of all time plus Duke’s. Complex.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.14.12

A) Put down that Pi and enter our video contest for your shot at a free Blueprint LSAT Prep course. Free! You only have one day left to submit your entry. Facebook.

B) How did the University of Illinois Law School fare in its first US News & World Report rankings since the LSAT scores scandal tarnished the school’s reputation? Chicago Tribune.

C) As you scour the new law school rankings, remember: Don’t base your law school applications decisions only on where schools rank. There’s plenty of other important stuff. Christian Science Monitor.

D) Earlier today, you read Matt Shinners’s thoughts on all these law school grads suing their alma maters. Here’s an update: There are more lawsuits on the way. National Law Journal.

E) Encyclopedia Britannica is dropping its print edition. Read all about it in its online explanation for the phrase “duh”. Network World.

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Latest Trend: Law School Grads Suing Their Law Schools

PROGRAMMING NOTE – US News & World Report rankings are out. We’ll have an article about it up either tonight or tomorrow morning.

It all started when Anna Alaburda filed a complaint against Thomas Jefferson School of Law for publishing misleading employment statistics. Legal commentators were quick to discuss her relatively low chance of winning the lawsuit. However, she did win a PR battle when Thomas Jefferson filed this response. In it, they more or less admit that they were playing fast and loose with statistics. While they contend that the allegations in the complaint don’t rise to an actual cause of action for which the court can offer redress, it must have hurt them to admit that their employment numbers were much higher than their bar passage rate – a fact that demonstrates the low percentage of their graduates employed in a legal position.

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Flawed Logic: A Response to the New York Times’ David Segal

New York Times reporter David Segal has made somewhat of a splash over the past year talking about the state of legal education and how, to bluntly paraphrase, it sucks. You can check out what he has to say here and watch a short interview with him here.

If you don’t want to watch the video or wade through a 5-page New York Times article (though if you can’t make it through that, law school might be a rude awakening), the long and short of it is that he believes law schools, the ABA, and the US News and World Report rankings have created something of a self-interested scam with perverse incentives.

The ABA is both the professional organization representing lawyers, as well as the group that oversees accreditation of new schools (while technically the accreditation arm is an independent organization, many don’t believe in the separation).

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Logical Reasonings / 12.5.11

A) US News & World Report has a new law school admissions blog and their first post is about whether or not you should cancel your December LSAT score. (You have until Friday to do so; our similar post will be up Thursday.) Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) Who says you can’t use the LSAT in real life? This first lieutenant in the Army certainly did. US Army.

C) Changes are coming to how law schools report job placement data. Finally. National Law Journal.

D) Letter to the Editor: You’re wrong about law school. New York Times.

E) Put on your favorite album of the year and check out these — the 45 most powerful images of 2011. BuzzFeed.