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Logical Reasonings / 1.13.16

A. The Rams are coming (back) to Los Angeles! L.A. rejoices! St. Louis weeps! ESPN
B. Planning on winning $1.5 billion on Powerball? Here’s a rundown of Powerball facts and figures. (Don’t tell your boss to go #$%! himself or herself just yet.) ABC News
C. Here’s an essay from yet another expert who has serious qualms about the value and purpose of the US News & World Report law school rankings. Above the Law
D. For the first time ever, a Canadian law school has appointed an aboriginal woman as Dean. You go, Lakehead University Bora Laskin Faculty of Law! Toronto Globe & Mail
E. Would you like to see more than 25 cute animals sleeping, often in ridiculous places and/or positions? You are so very welcome. Bored Panda

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Logical Reasonings / 1.11.16

A. Here’s GoPro video of the raid that took down El Chapo after six months on the run (and a harrowing encounter with actor Sean Penn). ABC News
B. Apparently the deans of law schools don’t really like US News & World Report or the way they do their rankings. Or at least the dean of University of Nebraska — tied for #56 — doesn’t. The dean of Yale might have a different opinion. Bloomberg
C. The Supreme Court appears poised to strike down a California law requiring teachers to pay representation fees to teachers unions they don’t want to join, characterizing it as compelled speech that violates the teacher’s First Amendment rights. Reuters
D. Ohio sheriff collects drugs from police departments in his county, claiming he’s doing so on the behalf of the DEA. The DEA has never heard of him. Raw Story
E. Police departments use big data to calculate a threat score, including what’s on your social media accounts. Watch out. The Washington Post