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Law School Acceptances: Still Waiting?

So, you haven’t heard back yet.

But what does that mean? The answer, as is most often the case in law school, is that it depends. Surprised? Didn’t think so. Let’s start with upper tier law schools.

If you’ve applied to schools in the top tier (and let’s assume you have), you should first check on the status of your application. It is unusual for such schools to send admissions decisions out any later than the end of April. For instance:

“Offers of admission are usually made between January and late April…”
– UCLA School Of Law


The LSAT / Law School Admissions Waiting Game

What’s there to say about the month of February? Well, it’s the shortest month, it has Valentine’s Day, and it is Black History month. A few things you probably didn’t know about February: it’s National Bird-Feeding MonthNational Wear Red Day, AND hopefully you are sitting down, because as you read this, I think you’ll be thrilled to know that our neighbors to the north are celebrating Canadian Flag Day.

Now, I suspect that you have two questions for me: First: “Is it lame if I don’t have any bird-feeding activities penciled in until March?” Second: “Is this a joke? You just managed to write the most useless, mundane, and insipid article introduction of all time. I’m calling Blueprint during normal business hours to see if there is anyway to reclaim those 15 seconds of my life.”