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My Best LSAT Advice: Watch It!

Today we welcome a new blog contributor, Los Angeles Blueprint instructor Alex Connolly, who shares the one piece of LSAT advice he wishes he’d known as a student.

I remember a time when I was a young LSAT student. Hopeful. Naïve. Over-caffeinated. I spent most of my time at coffee shops, pounding espresso and problem sets. I was the guy sitting in the corner convulsing every time his phone timer went off. Sometimes you could hear me muttering. “No, if Xao goes first, where the heck is Yolanda gonna go? Gotta leave room for Yolanda, Alex. Don’t be an idiot.”

I wasn’t making many new friends.

If I could go back and speak to that young man, what would I tell him? What one piece of LSAT advice would I share?