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Should I Cancel My LSAT Score?

Congratulations on surviving Test Day! If you’re like most other test takers, you probably left the testing site feeling some mixture of relief and dread. The part of you that’s feeling relief is just glad that’s finally over with and is telling you to go get some ice cream, or watch GOT, or whatever it is that tickles your fancy. But the part of you that’s feeling dread is probably screaming at you to cancel your score.

Let’s be clear: most of you should not cancel your scores.

First of all, everyone experiences some level of self-doubt after walking out of the test. That’s totally normal. But nobody knows for sure how they did until scores are released. It’s very possible you did better than you think, but if you cancel your score you’ll never know.

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Looming LSAT Deadlines Mean Decisions

If you plan on taking the December LSAT, you should know that some important deadlines are coming up:

Test Center Change by Mail, Phone, or Fax November 14, 2014
Test Center Change Online November 16, 2014
Test Date Change by Mail, Phone, or Fax November 14, 2014
Test Date Change Online November 16, 2014
LSAT Registration Refunds (partial only) November 14, 2014
Withdraw LSAT Registration – No Refund December 5, 2014

If you decide to withdraw or reschedule your LSAT, your next chance to take an LSAT is February 2015 – probably too late for this application cycle.