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Logical Reasonings / 1.23.15

A) How is your law school personal statement different from an undergrad research paper? Well, hopefully you won’t have to spend much time on JSTOR for it. Pen and Chisel

B) Meet Ms. JD’s 2015 writers-in-residence — looks like a bunch of smart and ambitious future lawyers. Good luck, ladies! Ms. JD

C) A Berkeley law student is out to undermine Asian stereotypes by… doing porn? I think he’s the kind of guy that anyone can get behind. Oops, I mean he’s the kind of guy that can get behind anyone. Above the Law

D) Skymall filed for bankruptcy :-( Wall Street Journal

E) This extreme archery video is equal parts awesome and exceedingly lame. Laughing Squid

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Logical Reasonings / 9.23.14

Oh hai gurl! Ms. JD is looking for its next Writers In Residence. Ms. JD

How morally conscious Harvard law students talk themselves into biglaw. Above The Law

The head of a major university says higher ed must improve. My unrelated plan…
Step 1: Improve.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: PROFIT!
US News & World Report

A new, impenetrable barrier to prevent fence jumpers at the White House. Wait, is impenetrable one of those words that means the opposite of what you think it does? Slate

Coke, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper pledged to cut soda calories by 20%. So now they’ll only make you sorta obese. Huffington Post