Raise your LSAT score. Reach your full potential. Raise your LSAT score. Reach your full potential.

Raise your LSAT score. Reach your full potential.

Jonathan, 166 Stanford Law School

Alex, +17 - Actual Blueprint Student

Alex, +17 Actual Blueprint Student

Blueprint makes your law school dreams a reality.

Since 2005, Blueprint has helped tens of thousands of students increase their LSAT scores. That’s all that we do, and that’s why we’re the best LSAT prep in town, whatever town you find yourself in. With Blueprint’s comprehensive, motivational courses, you’ll enjoy a study experience, tailored to your needs, that takes you step-by-step from complete beginner to test day winner.

Let our team of all-star instructors guide you through the nation’s best LSAT course. Harness the power of the Blueprint Learning engine -- a comprehensive suite of online resources including adaptive homework, test analytics, and customized practice sets. Don’t wait, because your law school competition won’t. Get started now by finding the right course option for you.


LSAT Prep - Classroom LSAT Prep - Classroom


Personalized, face-to-face LSAT prep with one of the best LSAT instructors around.

LSAT Prep - Live Online LSAT Prep - Live Online

Live Online

All the benefits of a live Blueprint LSAT course, anywhere in the world.

LSAT Prep - Online Anytime LSAT Prep - Online Anytime

Online Anytime

Powerful LSAT prep any time of day, wherever you might be.

LSAT Prep - Tutoring LSAT Prep - Tutoring


One-on-one training with one of Blueprint’s rockstar LSAT instructors.

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Juliet, +26170 on test day


My favorite part on the online course was probably that you can rack up points... My mindset was like, "This is actually really fun!" My least favorite section of the LSAT was probably Reading Comprehension. I was an English major but Reading Comprehension on the LSAT is just a whole new beast. There was a moment where it clicked... It wasn't daunting or intimidating at all! I'm really glad that I went with Blueprint.

Jacob, 167 University of Michigan Law School


I knew I wanted to do a prep class. I thought a program that was LSAT-specific would be the best option, just because they're experts. My instructor was Spencer Robbins. I literally feel like he could have been a stand-up comedian, I was laughing that hard at times. The teachers are sociable, funny people, and it doesn't really feel like a classroom. You never felt overwhelmed and you also really felt like you knew it going onto the next step.

Noelle, +19 Harvard Law School


The Drills are my favorite part because you can get through a lot really quickly so it makes you feel really productive. And they're funny! Just a chuckle here and there, every hour so, it helps... I didn't want to skimp on myself. "I'm just gonna go full-out do everything I can. It might be rough, but it's gonna be worth it in the end." And it was.

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