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2019 Dec 16 Mar 02

Mondays 6-9pm Eastern (3-6pm Pacific)

And Suggested Practice Exams
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Instructor - Dylan Gadek

Dylan Gadek

Get the full, twelve-lesson Blueprint course, totally live, from anywhere in the world, complete with unlimited access to our expansive suite of online resources. You'll get access to:

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  • Hundreds of hours of help during Office Hours six days per week
  • 13 real LSAT practice exams with automatic scoring & explanations of right AND wrong answers
  • 8500+ Actual LSAT questions with explanations
  • Smart homework that continuously adapts to your skill level for truly personalized practice
  • Detailed score reports and analytics so you always know how you're progressing or what your weak points are to focus on
  • Full Access to the Blueprint Online Anytime Course with on-demand HD video lessons for extra review; so you’re getting 2 courses for the price of 1!
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  1. Dec 15

    Practice Exam 1 (Suggested) 10 AM - 2 PM

  2. Dec 16

    Lesson 1 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  3. Dec 23

    Lesson 2 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  4. Dec 30

    Lesson 3 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  5. Jan 06

    Lesson 4 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  6. Jan 13

    Lesson 5 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  7. Jan 20

    Lesson 6 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  8. Jan 27

    Lesson 7 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  9. Feb 03

    Lesson 8 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  10. Feb 09

    Practice Exam 2 (Suggested) 10 AM - 2 PM

  11. Feb 10

    Lesson 9 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  12. Feb 17

    Lesson 10 4 PM Eastern - 7 PM Eastern

  13. Feb 23

    Practice Exam 3 (Suggested) 10 AM - 2 PM

  14. Feb 24

    Lesson 11 6PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  15. Mar 02

    Lesson 12 6 PM Eastern - 9 PM Eastern

  16. Mar 08

    Practice Exam 4 (Suggested) 10 AM - 2 PM

Instructor - Dylan Gadek

Dylan Gadek

Dylan has worked as a used car salesman, an online poker pro and for the past six years as an LSAT instructor. While his affection for selling '92 Cabriolets and losing money on the river card has waned, his love for teaching continues. Dylan was an undergraduate at Yale, where he spent time debating and developing an affection for Cheetos. In between washing orange dust off his hands, he became the second person ever to be both a national debate champion and North American debate champion in 2007, and the only American undergrad to win Cambridge University's invitational tournament. The latter allowed him take part in the quintessential American activity: beating the British. Dylan believes strongly that his philosophy degree and his LSAT score of 178 should be only partially wasted, and so emphasizes understanding the logical structures on the LSAT. He'll also teach you the importance of understanding why the incorrect answers are incorrect, as well as the role Cheetos can play in a well-crafted study plan. In addition to helping you get a great LSAT score, Dylan knows where you can get a good price on a 2005 Spectra.