Upcoming Blueprint LSAT Events

  1. Webinar Cancelling your LSAT Score and Choosing Your Best Retake

    with Ross Rinehart

    So you got your July LSAT scores back (took them long enough, right?) and now you don’t know if you should cancel. Sure, you get a free retake, but are you ready to go through that? More importantly, even if you do cancel, when is the best time to retake the LSAT? BP LSAT rockstar Ross has seen it all, and knows the pros/cons and ins/outs of cancelling an LSAT score and retaking it. Join him as he dispels common misconceptions and helps you make a sound decision. You’ll also receive a discount code for an LSAT Live Online or Classroom course.

    2019 Aug 28

    03:00 PM - 04:00 PM