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Everyone learns differently.

That’s why Blueprint has always delivered the most engaging, personalized LSAT prep experience for aspiring law school students. From our amazing instructors to our intuitive curriculum to our industry-leading tech, our LSAT prep courses will help you master the test, no matter where you are.

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Always on the move? Got a packed schedule?
 Our most flexible course lets you prep for the LSAT with three of our most accomplished instructors at your own pace. With our mobile-optimized platform, you get every real LSAT question, detailed analytics, and live, online Office Hours anywhere, any time.

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Live Online

Don’t let distance keep you from an amazing score! Livestreaming all over the world, every class gives you a front row seat to a top-scoring instructor and an equally-talented Teaching Assistant. With full access to our Online Anytime course, we’re committed to bringing expert LSAT prep to you.

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Experience the course that changed the face of LSAT prep forever. Our classroom students have an average score increase of 11 points thanks to incredible, rigorously-trained instructors who actually — y’know — care. Enhanced by our Online Anytime tools, it’s the most Blueprint prep there is.

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What you get

Online Anytime
Live Online

Intuitive curriculum designed by Blueprint’s founders

32hrs of interactive lessons with 99th-percentile instructors

Custom practice with 8500+ real LSAT questions

Unlimited livestreamed Office Hours sessions, 6 days/week

Live classes with a charismatic 170+ scoring instructor

Flexible, no-commitment study plan

Score increase guarantee

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One-on-One Tutoring

Want some face time with our excellent instructors? Private LSAT tutoring gets you in-depth, one-on-one attention for a completely personalized LSAT prep experience, and a dedicated Academic Manager will make sure they’re the perfect tutor for you! Available in-person in select locations and anywhere online.

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LSAT Books

Blueprint is now available in paperback! Written by Blueprint’s founders, our books for Logic Games and Reading Comprehension take deep dives into each section so you can truly master the techniques you’ll need on test day.

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Free Prep Bundle

No budget? No problem. Our free bundle puts powerful LSAT prep tools at your fingertips, no strings attached. Attend free events, score any test, watch video explanations, and track your law school chances with the Law School Compass.

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