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The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games is the ultimate resource for the most challenging section of the LSAT.

Blueprint has helped thousands of students improve their LSAT scores over the years, but this LSAT book brings our powerful methods to LSAT self-study for the first time. If you want to ace Logic Games, you'll need a comprehensive approach and lots of guided practice. Our LSAT Logic Games book gives you all of that and so much more.

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Video Explanations

The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games includes access to video explanations for every game in the book. These explanations are iOS/Android compatible.

Over 500 Pages

It's a hunk of work, but you know it's good for you. This is the most comprehensive Logic Games guide you can find.

Proven Methods

Thousands of Blueprint LSAT students have achieved impressive score increases and attended the nation's best law schools. It's simple; our methods work.


It's Huge.


LSAT Logic Games are difficult, and the more help you have, the better. Our Logic Games book is over 500 pages long and includes 35 real LSAT games. That's not the skimpy, abbreviated curriculum you'll find in some other Logic Games books. We cover all of the same techniques that you learn in a Blueprint LSAT classroom course. You can expect a lot of Logic Games practice in The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games.

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It's Fun.

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Blueprint was founded on the idea that students will learn more if they're having fun while they study. A little levity can make the process more effective and enjoyable. From jabs at celebrity starlets to bad dating analogies to imaginary classmates, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games will make studying for the LSAT a little less painful.


It's up-to-date.

Do you remember 1996? Were you even born yet? Bill Clinton, Spice Girls, Space Jam. Nobody remembers, nor do they want to. So why practice on Logic Games from way back when? The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games uses real, recent LSAT questions and new Logic Games. The test has become more difficult over the years, and you ought to practice on the kinds of games you'll see on test day.

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It's not just a pretty book.

When you purchase our Logic Games book, you'll also receive access to HD video explanations for all of the LSAT games in the book for one year. Every video features Matt Riley, founder of Blueprint and author of the Logic Games curriculum.

You'll also get your own free MyBlueprint account, where you will find an incredible mix of self-study resources. Learn more

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It's powerful.

Blueprint Building Blocks is a unique, revolutionary system for attacking Logic Games, breaking them down into two basic processes and building from there. This simple yet sophisticated LSAT Logic Games strategy has helped thousands of our students improve their LSAT Logic Games scores dramatically.


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