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The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension is the best LSAT book available for this tough section of the LSAT.

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Blueprint has developed a comprehensive method for breaking down each passage by structure, allowing you to anticipate answers to questions before you get to them. Weighing in at over 400 pages and including more than 33 real, recent LSAT Reading Comprehension passages to practice on, our LSAT Reading Comprehension book is all you need.

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Online Explanations

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The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension includes online explanations for every Reading Comprehension passage in the book. These explanations are iOS/Android compatible.


Comprehensive Curriculum


The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension covers every aspect of Blueprint's tried and true Reading Comprehension method and applies it to real LSAT passages. We'll walk you through what to do while reading each passage, and show you clearly how using this method gets you the right answer quickly on passages, regardless of subject matter or language difficulty.

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Engaging Content

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Blueprint was founded on the principle that students learn more when they're having fun. Join a cast of hilarious characters for a surprisingly enjoyable trip through the world of LSAT Reading Comprehension.


It's timely

This is the LSAT, not Throwback Thursday. The LSAT is getting harder, and you need to practice with recent passages to make sure you're prepared for what's coming at you. Our LSAT book uses the most recent passages for examples and practice, so you'll know just what the test looks like before you crack open your test booklet on exam day.

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It's more than a book.

In addition to the book, you'll receive access to online PDF explanations for all of the Reading Comprehension passages in the book. You can create a free MyBlueprint account where you'll find an incredible mix of free LSAT study resources.

You'll also get your own free MyBlueprint account, where you will find an incredible mix of self-study resources. Learn more

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It's powerful.

Blueprint devised a revolutionary system for tackling Reading Comprehension that categorizes the passage according to structure rather than topic. No other company has a system like it. With this system we've helped thousands of LSAT students drastically improve their Reading Comprehension score.


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