Score Higher on the LSAT. Guaranteed.
Our LSAT Classroom Courses Come With a Score Increase Guarantee.

If you’re a first-time Blueprint student enrolled in a classroom course and don’t increase your score from your first practice exam to the first official LSAT that follows your course, you can take the class again for free or get your money back.

Here's how it works:

You're a first-time Blueprint student enrolled in a Blueprint classroom course.

You take the first practice test as administered as part of the course in a Blueprint classroom. This is important as it establishes your base score.

You complete the classroom course and take the next official administration of the LSAT.

Completing the classroom course consists of attending all scheduled classes (with no more than four sessions missed and made up for by watching course videos), taking all six proctored practice exams in class, and completing at least 50% of your online homework. This must all be completed prior to the course expiration date or the LSAT administration, whichever is earlier.

Taking the next official administration of the LSAT consists of taking the exam for which the class is geared. So if you take the winter Blueprint course, you must take the February LSAT to be eligible for the guarantee, if you take the spring Blueprint course, you must take the June LSAT to be eligible for the guarantee, and so on.

Within three months of completing the course, you download an official LSAC score report and email it to us. If you don’t score higher on the official test than you did on your first practice exam, you can either repeat the course for free or receive a full refund. If you choose to get a refund, you are not eligible to repeat the class for free, and vice versa.

To see all the details about the score increase guarantee, check out our full refund policy.

Why do we offer the score increase guarantee?

Blueprint’s LSAT course is amaze balls. The curriculum is the best in the industry (check out our average practice exam score increase of 11 points). It’s also taught by the best in the industry. Blueprint instructors have all scored a 170 or higher on an actual LSAT, undergo over 100 hours of rigorous training, and are paid the highest rates in the industry. It also comes with all of the cutting-edge technology from our online course. You’ll have access to our LSAT videos to review and reinforce classroom concepts, explanations for every homework question in the course, adaptive learning sets that provide a question for you based on your last answer, and more.

What else comes with Blueprint's classroom course?

112 Instruction Hours

The best in-class LSAT instruction available supplemented by online resources

88 Online Hours

Blueprint's Online Course, the world's most innovative online LSAT course, taught by Blueprint founders Trent and Matt

iOS Mobile App

Cutting-edge interactive questions interface, on-the-go lesson videos, photo scoring, and advanced analytics

3 Textbooks, 19 Practice LSATs

Every released LSAT question (over 8,000 total), including 6 proctored practice tests and 13 additional exams

98th Percentile Instructors

Amazing instructors with 170+ LSAT scores who are screened for teaching ability and personality