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The Best LSAT Prep now has a mobile app.


The Blueprint App provides a revolutionary way to study for the LSAT



Everyone learns at a different pace and has different skills they need to work on, so why should your LSAT homework be the same as everyone else's? Our sophisticated software analyzes your responses and gives you LSAT problems based on an analysis of your strengths and weakness. This individualized LSAT study plan makes the most of your time, earning you more points on the LSAT with fewer study sessions.

Interactive Drills

Drills are used to reinforce key concepts learned in class. But Blueprint has dispensed with the standard, boring pen and paper drills for online swipe and drop drills that keep your interest. Moreover, you can choose which drills to take and which to skip over based on what you need to study and what you're confident you've already learned.

Practice Sets

Tired of slogging through an entire homework section when you only really wanted to focus on one particular skill? Our customizable practice sets allow you to make your own sets of LSAT questions to focus on what you want to reinforce. From particular question types to high level words to cause and effect or conditional statements, the Blueprint online resources allow you to make your own practice set and optimize your LSAT study time.


Questions Interface

The unique questions interface on our LSAT app allows you to get the most out of your homework questions. If you get an answer wrong, you can choose to see the correct answer, or try again without seeing the correct answer. Along the way, you can access "hints" that allow you to narrow your options to two answer choices, see the most popular answer choices, or get tips from an expert. These options allow you to understand your thought process as you approach questions and analyze your technique, rather than just answering question after question without analysis as can be the case with typical homework booklets.


The Greatest Chain of Being

You begin your LSAT journey as part of the lowest rung of society: an Untouchable. But as you study, the LSAT app tracks your progress and awards you points for answering questions correctly, quickly, and sequentially. The more points you accumulate, the more your social standing improves, until you ultimately achieve transcendence at the tip of the Greatest Chain of Being. But only if you study hard. Transcendence - and great LSAT scores - don't come easy, you know.


Powerful Analytics

We have the best LSAT app because it gives you the tools to understand the test in ways that are unheard of with pen and paper study. You can see how long it takes you to answer particular questions, compare that against how long they should have taken you, discover what types of questions are the most difficult for you, and learn the techniques to overcome them. It will revolutionize the way you study for the test.

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Law School Compass

Take the guesswork out of your law school future. Blueprint has developed a proprietary algorithm that calculates your chances of admission at any law school in the country.

Our law school compass includes a personal profile with your practice LSAT scores and other law school application materials. We analyze admission rates and current law school trends to compute your chance of admission. In addition, we will tell you how many more points you need to give yourself a fighting chance at particular law schools. So put down the remote and let's get a few more points!