The Best Online
LSAT Prep Instructors

Trent Teti and Matt Riley
Are The Best of the Best LSAT Instructors

So who will you be learning from during the Blueprint online course? An excellent question. Instructors are the most important part of many students' LSAT prep experience, and it's important to know that you're being taken care of by an experienced and learned teacher.

Luckily, the Blueprint Online Course is taught by the most experienced and learned teachers we've got.

Trent-Teti-Blueprint-LSAT-instructor Matt-Riley-online-LSAT-course

Even if they didn't own Blueprint, Trent Teti and Matt Riley would be two of the most qualified LSAT instructors in the game. Between them, they have thousands of hours of live teaching experience. They designed Blueprint's online curriculum to exactly match what's taught in the classroom course, right down to Matt's bad jokes and Trent's bad hair days.

Both Matt and Trent scored in the 99th percentile of the LSAT—and that's before they spent immeasurable time poring over every question LSAC has ever released in service of Blueprint. They are constantly updating the online curriculum with new videos produced at Blueprint's in-house film studio, and work with our editors and animators to ensure that each lesson is as informative and entertaining as possible.

Rest assured, no other online LSAT course has better qualified, more experienced, or more involved instructors than Blueprint.


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North America

Trent explains the history of the North American landscape in less than a minute.


Matt spots a problem with the claim that your brain can solve world hunger.


Bankers, lawyers, and athletes make for one hell of a party in Lesson 4.


Matt goes bird watching in this classic grouping game from Lesson 7.


Trent uses his strong knowledge of the outdoors to work through a flaw question in Lesson 7