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Online LSAT Lesson Videos

Your online LSAT course is the home for Blueprint's amazing LSAT lesson videos. There are 16 lesson videos, 3 review workshops, and 3 advanced clinics.

Our online LSAT videos cover key concepts followed by homework to reinforce skills learned during the lesson. Workshops consist of review sessions to make sure you've retained what you learned, while clinics provide advanced techniques for each section of the LSAT.

The course consists of approximately 88 hours of animated videos. The animation allows us to illustrate concepts in powerful new ways. We don't just tell you how to do things - we show you. In addition, the lessons are highly interactive. You will do some questions with your instructors, but they will assign you to do others on your own. The videos will automatically pause for drills, and there are even timing exercises near the end of the course.

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Adaptive Learning

The Blueprint LSAT course is tailored to fit your learning style.


Mobile LSAT App


Get all of Blueprint's great online LSAT resources on the go with the Blueprint iOS App

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Thousands of LSAT explanations.

In the inevitable event that you get stuck on a question or two, we've got you covered. On your MyBlueprint page, you will find an explanation to every single question in your homework and on your practice exams. There are streaming audio and video explanations, as well as detailed written explanations -- all created by our talented team of Blueprint instructors.


Questions Interface

The unique questions interface on our LSAT app allows you to get the most out of your homework questions. If you get an answer wrong, you can choose to see the correct answer, or try again without seeing the correct answer. Along the way, you can access "hints" that allow you to narrow your options to two answer choices, see the most popular answer choices, or get tips from an expert. These options allow you to understand your thought process as you approach questions and analyze your technique, rather than just answering question after question without analysis as can be the case with typical homework booklets.

Advanced Analytics

With your MyBlueprint account, it's not just about your score and the right and wrong answer choices. It's about uncovering your strengths and weaknesses and why you fall for the same LSAT land mines.

Our powerful tools will allow you to correct any recurring mistakes and make sure that you are using your study time in the most efficient manner.

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Photo Scoring

Tired of checking each of 100-102 answer choices against an answer key? Our photo scoring allows you to take a picture of your answer key with an iPad or iPhone and automatically scores your test for you. It will also generate a host of analytics so you can see your strengths on the LSAT as well as your weaknesses.


The Greatest Chain of Being

You begin your LSAT journey as part of the lowest rung of society: an Untouchable. But as you study, the LSAT app tracks your progress and awards you points for answering questions correctly, quickly, and sequentially. The more points you accumulate, the more your social standing improves, until you ultimately achieve transcendence at the tip of the Greatest Chain of Being. But only if you study hard. Transcendence - and great LSAT scores - don't come easy, you know.

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Law School Compass

Take the guesswork out of your law school future. Blueprint has developed a proprietary algorithm that calculates your chances of admission at to law school in the country.

Our law school compass includes a personal profile with your practice LSAT scores and other application materials. We analyze admissions data and current law school trends to compute your chances of admission. In addition, we will tell you how many more points you need to give yourself a fighting chance.

Free Tour

Want to check out our online LSAT prep course for yourself? Sign up and get a behind-the-scenes look at the Blueprint online course for free. You can work through a number of different chapters from various lessons. We think the course is amazing, and we think you will agree

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