Online LSAT Prep never looked so good

Blueprint’s Online course lets you take the world’s most
innovative LSAT course anywhere, anytime.

Blueprint’s Online Anytime features:

Interactive Lessons

We’ve taken the world’s most engaging LSAT prep course to new heights! Our high-definition, fully-animated lesson videos have been revamped and now feature interactive assessments for a hands-on learning experience.

Tons of Practice

Don’t settle for less. Not only do we give you access to every single official LSAT question available, we have detailed explanations for each one and use comprehensive analytics to help you hone all of your skills..

World-Class Instructors

Learn from the best of the best! Our lessons are taught by 99th percentile LSAT masters from across the country, so you can get the best version of every lecture no matter where you are.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Studying on the go has never been easier with our updated online accounts, designed for optimal performance on (almost) any device.

Unlimited Live Help

Need extra advice? Online Office Hours are live 6 days per week with some of our top LSAT instructors, and our support team is always just a few clicks away.

Flexible Study Plan

Get these amazing resources (and more!) on any budget. Our monthly subscription lets you study as long as you want, commitment-free.


Try Before You Buy

Why do so many students choose Blueprint for LSAT prep? See for yourself, totally free for 7 days. You’ll get full access to everything our Online Anytime course has to offer.

Interactive Lessons
Adaptive Homework
Newest Practice Exams

Blueprint has always aspired to have the most engaging LSAT course anywhere, and now you can take it anytime.

Learn from our most accomplished LSAT instructors with 30+ hours of Full HD video lessons featuring our signature animations and interactive assessments to get more out of every minute you spend studying. With access to every real question released by LSAC, our adaptive homework helps you focus where you need it and custom practice sets let you train what you want. We keep you prepared for the LSAT with the newest prep tests and detailed explanations for every single question, passage, and logic game.

Want more? Our team of LSAT experts designed practice drills to reinforce key concepts, comprehensive analytics to pinpoint your weaknesses, and filmed thousands of video explanations. Our slick digital testing interface lets you simulate real LSAT timing conditions and our proprietary Law School Compass helps you target your preferred law schools and track your admissions chances.

With the most advanced study tools out there, Blueprint’s Online Anytime course puts you in control of your LSAT prep.

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Anytime, Anywhere
Optimized to You

Life happens. We get it. You can’t always study when you want to. Or can you?

When we rebuilt our online platform from the ground up, we designed it with mobility in mind so you get a seamless experience from your laptop to your tablet to your phone (TI-83’s not supported).

Now whether you’re on campus, at home, or on the road, you can stay on track in your LSAT studies wherever you have internet (sorry scuba divers).

Have a suggestion? Drop us a line. We’re always working to make sure you get the best experience.

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Meet your instructors:
h e


Kevin is so much more than a perfect LSAT score. He’s a graduate of Columbia Law School. He’s a former lawyer and federal prosecutor. He’s an avid connoisseur of only the finest video games. But yes, he DID get a perfect score. Lucky for you we were able to lure him away from single-handedly changing the lives of his New York students long enough to immortalize him on film. Cookies were involved.


The critics have spoken and they all agree: Laura is the best. She studied politics and Spanish at NYU, and before she was a Blueprint instructor in Boston she was a Blueprint student. She loved it so much she decided law school could wait… forever. When she’s not running, like, 30 miles a week for some reason, she’s dishing out free advice on our LSAT blog. You couldn’t ask for a better coach.


Legend has it Brett was born with a fully-formed logic game clenched in his tiny fist. Given the way he demolishes them, we believe it. He’s taught Blueprint classes coast-to-coast (literally) and almost certainly has a cadre of LSAT groupies who followed him there. When he’s not binging baking shows, he’s working toward a J.D. at Columbia Law School. He’s definitely not miming logic games in his sleep. Probably.


Studying for the LSAT can be stressful. That’s why our team is here to support you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Office Hours stream live online almost every day of the week (Fridays are for karaoke). Hosted by some of our top LSAT instructors, these two hour sessions are the perfect place for getting answers to tougher questions, taking a deep dive into difficult concepts, or working through problems alongside other Blueprint students. Sign up for as many as you want! Just don’t ask Ross for his rendition of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’.

Chat in from anywhere in your account during business hours to get instant help from one of our super-friendly, ultra-helpful Student Representatives. They can tell you everything you need to know about your account, help you with your study plan, and guide you through all of our course features. And if you play your cards right, they might even send you their favorite GIF.

Email our LSAT Study Buddy any time you want and a veteran Blueprint instructor dedicated to your success will get back to you within 48 hours (usually sooner). Nice.

“I researched a lot of programs beforehand and went with Blueprint because it had good reviews and was one of the more affordable options (by far). The material is very comprehensive and Kevin does a great job of breaking things down so I didn't feel intimidated. So far I've gone up 9 points and I'm not even finished with the course yet. Also I really appreciate all of the resources online. Between all the homework, homework problem explanation videos, practice sets, online lessons, live streaming webinars, and practice exams there's more than enough material to get in as much studying as humanly possible.”

Ruby T.
Brooklyn, NY

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