Logical Reasonings / 8.20.18

A. We’re hosting two webinars this Wednesday, August 22 that will transmit tons of helpful info on the LSAT and law school admissions straight to you. Plus, by attending either, you’ll get a $300 discount on Blueprint classroom courses and a $75 discount on the first month of an online course subscription. Blueprint LSAT

B. Wednesday, August 22 is also the deadline to upload the admissions ticket photo for the September 2018 LSAT, and LSAC sent out a helpful reminder to get that done. It also tried to start the super sibilant hashtag #lessstressontestday. @Official_LSAT

C. After the NYU School Medicine announced a free tuition program, Above the Law contemplates whether law schools should offer the same. We’ll answer that for them: Yes, they definitely should. Above the Law

D. Meanwhile, Columbia Law School — one of the most prestigious law schools in the nation, the law school of more than one of our invaluable contributors — is showing off all the educational advantages you get when paying for an elite law school experience … with a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament during orientation. Above the Law

E. In case you missed it, Rudy Giuliani gave a tour de force lesson in how not to advocate for your client on Meet the Press yesterday. CNN

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Get Helpful Advice on the LSAT and Law School Admissions Without Leaving Home

It’s never been better to be a shut in, if that’s your thing. You can work remotely, FaceTime anyone you still need to speak to, entertain yourself with Netflix, settle debts through Venmo … you name it. And you can now name one more thing you can access from the comfort of your own home, via the magic of the internet: great advice on the LSAT and law school admissions, straight from the experts.

Logical Reasonings / 8.17.18

A. Your weekend task: RSVP to one (or both!) of the webinars we’re hosting on Wednesday, August 22. By reserving your space and attending either the Admissions or LSAT Webinar, you’ll get a $300 discount on Blueprint classroom courses and a $75 discount on the first month of an online course subscription. Blueprint LSAT

B. Omar Salgado, forward for the Las Vegas Lights FC, will soon hang up his cleats and shorts and cleats for legal briefs and torts; he recently took the LSAT and will soon pursue law school. Las Vegas Review-Journal

C. A former Georgetown Law student’s suit against the school — which alleged that the school unlawfully bared him from the on-campus hiring fair — was dismissed today. ABA Journal

D. The judge for the Paul Manafort gave the jurors a tour of circular reasoning when he defined “reasonable doubt” as “doubt based on reason.” NY Times

E. Meanwhile, prosecutors in that trial are so secretive they won’t even disclose their Shake Shack orders to media. Wonder how they can eat those ShackBurgers with all those tight-lips? NY Times


10 LSATs a year? Here’s how they should be scheduled

LSAC has said that you’ll have the option to take the test in almost every month, with the exception of May and December; however, we feel that this proposed schedule lacks imagination. So, in the event that LSAC would like to reconsider its testing schedule, here are some alternatives:

Logical Reasonings / 8.16.18

A. Make sure to reserve your spot to one of the webinars we’re hosting on Wednesday, August 22! We’re covering law school admissions at noon and then the LSAT at 6 pm (both Pacific Time). At the end of each hour-long presentation, we’ll hook you up with a $300 discount on Blueprint classroom courses and a $75 discount on the first month of an online course subscription. Blueprint LSAT

B. Absurdist comedian Eric Andre recently discussed taking the LSAT in an interview with The AV Club. His experience? “I sat down, I went to fill my name out in the Scantron [sheet], and then I just took my pencil and broke it in half, and I got up and I walked out.” We can relate. The AV Club

C. On how to politely say “no” to legal job offers. This doubles as advice for how to turn down law school admissions offers, should you face that enviable predicament. Above the Law

D. Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court has the lowest public approval since Robert Bork’s in 1987. And that helped out with Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre.” This also means that Kavanaugh has lower public support than Clarence Thomas … who, well, you know, did some very gross stuff. CNN

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: You can’t just shout “this is outrageous!” instead of “objection.” ABA Journal