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We Tried Out the Digital LSAT Practice Exams … Again

A few weeks ago, LSAC updated its digital LSAT familiarization page with new practice exams. Now that we’re creeping ever-closer to the unveiling of the digital LSAT in July, LSAC was kind to let prospective test takers get the full digital experience with full practice exams. And of course, LSAC wants people to get excited about this new technocratic version of the test, so if prospective test takers got jazzed about some of the new features in the digital format, all the better for them.

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Time’s Running Out to Prep for the July LSAT!

Since you’re reading this, I’m going to go ahead and guess a few things about you. You’re a rebel. You walk to the beat of your own dream. You’re not afraid of taking chances. You laugh in the face of danger. Finally, you signed up to take the July LSAT. Normally, the LSAT you registered for doesn’t give any insight into the person that you are, but the July LSAT is notoriously different. It’s the last time the LSAT will be given on paper and the beginning of the new tablet-based test. It’s an exciting time, especially since you don’t know which format of the test you’ll receive (hence, the whole “laugh in the face of danger” thing).

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Studying for the LSAT and Your Finals … at the Same Time

The June LSAT is on its way. If you’re a student, so are finals. The best part of college. The memories you’ll revisit with your friends for years and years. If you’re on the semester system you’ll probably have finals well out of the way before the LSAT. If you’re on the quarter system, finals will likely be there to distract you in the final weeks leading up to the LSAT. Either way, you’ll have to balance studying for finals with studying for the LSAT.

Logical Reasonings / 4.29.19

A. Good news! The percentage of law grads who got JD-required and -advantage jobs is ever-so-slightly on the rise. But because every bit of good news in the legal sector must be tempered, it should be noted that technically there were fewer graduates this year. ABA Journal

B. Law.com posted part two of its series on why bar exam passage rates are so low; this feature discussed how the rate affects small firms and the public sector. Law.com

C. LSAC also announced that it would address this topic in its next webinar. @LSAC_Official

D. Human rights attorney Amal Clooney and the Clooney Foundation for Justice, in partnership with Columbia Law, the ABA, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and Microsoft — quite the team-up — launched TrialWatch, which will monitor trials worldwide that may pose a risk for human rights violations. It’s sort of like Avengers: Endgame, but if the only infinity stone they were after is the justice stone. Above the Law

E. In case you make your decisions about which law school to apply to based on the pull they have with graduation speakers, here’s an incomplete list of speakers for 2019 graduation ceremonies. Above the Law