Logical Reasonings / 8.15.18

A. Reserve your seat to one of the two webinars we’re hosting next Wednesday, August 22! The first will focus on law school admissions at noon PDT, and the second will provide an overview of the LSAT at 6 pm PDT. Attend either and you’ll receive a $300 discount on Blueprint’s classroom courses and a $75 discount on the first month of an online course subscription. Blueprint LSAT

B. It’s mid-August, so people are starting law school — which is why you’ve seen so many law school advice columns ’round these parts. Here’s one more law school advice column — this one about student loans. Above the Law

C. Paul Manafort’s defense team rested without calling any witnesses of its own, believing its attacks on the credibility of Rick Gates and other witnesses were sufficient to show that the prosecution did not reach the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. This all offense, no defense strategy is known as the Damian Lillard in legal circles. ABC News

D. A monumental step was taken in a First Circuit Court of Appeals today: the poop emoji was used in a written opinion. Above the Law

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: You can’t steal the identities of 36 ex-clients to apply for advances for litigation funding. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 8.14.18

A. If you’re currently signed up for the September LSAT, but would prefer not to be, an action item: tonight at 11:59 pm EDT is the last chance you have to change your test date or withdraw for a partial (some would say paltry) refund. If you want to change test centers, it’s also the deadline to do that. LSAC

B. WaPo profiled Tiffany Trump and her experience as a 1L at Georgetown Law, if you want to get what is an extremely unrepresentative depiction of the first year experience at law school. Unless, I suppose, you also have a powerful father who regularly insults guest speakers or who creates policy that dismays faculty and imperils fellow students. Washington Post

C. Twelve second-year Northwestern Law students got locked in an elevator for three hours while trying to attend on-campus interviews, an experience that surely frayed their nerves 2L. Above the Law

D. Beleaguered law school Arizona Summit officially topped out, and will not hold fall classes for its students. It’s currently negotiating a “teach-out agreement” that will allow its students to complete their J.D. at another school. ABA Journal

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: Chest bumps are not OK in the courtroom — remember, it’s pro-fessional ethics, not bro-fessional ethics. Legal Profession Blog

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A Take-Home Writing Sample?!

Big news! Since the news came out that the LSAT is going computer-based next year, you might have wondered what’s going to happen to the writing sample. Well, we have news for you. It’s not for sure yet, but it might be an indication of what’s to come.

Logical Reasonings / 8.13.18

A. Those currently signed up for the September LSAT, don’t forget: Tomorrow at 11:59 pm EDT is the deadline to change your test date, test center, or get a partial refund. LSAC

B. Some tips on how to succeed during the all-important first semester of 1L. Above the Law

C. A back-and-forth conversation on the issues prospective law students should consider before committing to the legal path. ABA Journal

D. Progressive fans of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg raised over $600,000 on Kickstarter to make her an amulet that will grant her ever-lasting life an action figure. CNBC

E. A Trump-appointed federal judge affirmed Mueller’s authority to conduct the special investigation, after Concord Management and Consulting challenged the constitutionality of his appointment. Or, as Trump himself would say, the appointment was “totally CONSTITUTIONAL!” CNN

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The LSAT, Still the King of Law School Admissions

Have you heard? The LSAT is back. It was almost gone as we knew it, but now it’s emphatically here and stronger than ever.

I suppose if you’re currently neck deep in fallacies and scenarios as you study for the September exam, the LSAT is extremely here and in no need of coming back, so maybe a little context is necessary.