Logical Reasonings / 9.25.18

A. Professor evaluations and ratemyprofessor.com are hotbeds of gender biases, even at law schools. Above the Law

B. On Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s journey from academic to ACLU attorney to pop culture icon. ABA Journal

C. She also just spoke to Columbia Law School on the issue of gender equality. Columbia Spectator

D. Meanwhile, Cosby was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison. NY Times

E. Looks like Ted Cruz will get his very own Red Hen moment after he was heckled out of a restaurant for his support of Kavanaugh. Washington Post

Logical Reasonings / 9.24.18

A. Last week reports emerged that Yale Law School professor Amy Chua would counsel female students interviewing for a clerkship with Judge Kavanaugh that he preferred his clerks to have a “certain look.” Chua has categorically denied these accusations. Above the Law

B. Some Yale students don’t buy that though. Huffington Post

C. The magazine Golf Digest helped free a New York man wrongfully convicted of murder. He had been serving time — and making detailed golf illustrations — since 1993. Golf Digest

D. A tentative deal has been reached for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee this Thursday. NY Times

E. Also, Deborah Ramirez, an acquaintance of Kavanaugh at Yale, has come forward to accuse the nominee of sexual misconduct in college. The New Yorker

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A Complete Guide to When Stronger or Weaker Answers Are “Better”

For some kinds of Logical Reasoning questions, stronger answers are better. For others, weaker answers are better. Are you having trouble keeping track of which ones are which? If you’re trying to memorize it one question type at a time, all of this will get much easier if you understand one simple rule. Here’s the fundamental principle.

Logical Reasonings / 9.21.18

A. Pro-tips on how to use the Career Services Office while in law school. Above the Law

B. A new study concluded that earning a high salary was not among the four most-cited reasons for pursuing law school. An alternative conclusion? No one’s willing to say earning a high salary is among the main reasons they’re pursuing law school. Law.com

C. Yale Law School students are protesting how the school has handled the Supreme Court nomination of one of its alums. Above the Law

D. And some representatives are using the ongoing nomination controversy as an opportunity to dust off their hacky jokes about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Charleston Post Courier

E. And then the President finally weighed in. NY Times

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Which Field of Law Is Right for You? LSAC Will Tell You

The LSAC updated its site with new features to help prospective law students learn about their legal career options. I think the highlight of LSAC’s new features is easily their BuzzFeed-style quiz, where instead of revealing Which Famous Chris is Your Soulmate? or What % Millenial Are You?, LSAC claims their quiz will tell you what field of law is right for you. As an aspiring lawyer, I took the LSAC legal career quiz and I’m ready to tell you about it.