Logical Reasonings / 7.17.18

A. Apparently, people still love the LSAT. Take that GRE. Kaplan

B. A dispatch from the desk of our sister news round-up, the Logical Rosen-ings: Josh Rosen, rookie quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals and vocal critic of the NCAA’s student athlete system, teamed up with a partner of Weinberg Gonser LLP and a USC law student to propose a model that would allow NCAA athletes to be paid for their labor. Yahoo Sports

C. Tiffany Trump, the world’s most prominent law student and the least prominent Trump, may not be returning to Georgetown for her second year, if her social media is to be trusted. Washington Post

D. A former employee of the ABA made out like A Bandit, Allegedly — taking $1.3 million from the organization. Law360

E. The struggling law school, Thomas Jefferson Law is soliciting funds over on AmazonSmile. Above the Law

Logical Reasonings / 7.16.18

A. If you’re far away from a test center, don’t forget: Today’s the last day to request a nonpublished test center, which will allow you to take the September LSAT with relative convenience. LSAC

B. Some tips on applying early to law school. U.S. News & World Report

D. Donald Trump never went to law school, which is apparent based on his suggestion that Theresa May “sue” the EU to expedite Brexit. Vox

D. The ABA Pres has also taken Trump to task for removing the competitive hiring process for administrative law judges, following a recent Supreme Court decision that suggested that it was within the President’s power to do so. ABA Journal

E. An Ohio attorney was suspended for two years after he … well … was caught, um, misinterpreting the meaning of pro bono services? The Columbus Dispatch


2018: The Year LSAC Woke Up

Things have been changing on the LSAT lately. First, last year, LSAC removed the limit on how many times you can take the test. This year, they expanded the number of test dates. As of last week or so, you can finally indicate the nonbinary gender of your choice when you register for an LSAC account. It’s 2018, so it’s about time LSAC got with the program and gave people more options than just male and female.

Logical Reasonings / 7.13.18

A. A reminder for all of those way far away from any September test location: Monday’s the deadline to request a non published test center. LSAC

B. Some LSAT questions now have more than five options: when signing up to take the exam, there are now 11 gender identity options to select from. Above the Law

C. Some more sensible ideas on how to change legal education. ABA Journal

D. The Russia investigation seemed like it was lying dormant, but today Mueller indicted twelve more Russians. NY Times

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class (File under: Well, technically you never took a Professional Ethics class). NJ.com

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Where in the World Should You Go to Law School?

If there’s one thing that ev-ver-ry-body had an opinion on during my law school application process, it was the location where I should be going to school. Since even those outside the legal field can relate to this aspect of the law school decision, you’ll no doubt hear numerous opinions during your own application timeline. But the reasons for choosing a location can vary. Knowing the main reasons for choosing one location over another can highlight how important the location will be to your law school experience. Here are some location factors that will top any law student’s list: