Our Tutoring Sale Is Back Next Week!

The holiday season has come to a close. For those of you still in school, a return to the classroom is imminent. For those of you working, you’re already back in the office. This time of the year feels a little like a hangover. The joy and revelry of the past few weeks gives way to the bleak reality of everyday life without the prospect of an upcoming holiday.

Now that we’re all sufficiently depressed, it’s time for some good news! Blueprint is having a tutoring sale next week. You can get 20% off a tutoring package from 9am PST on Monday, January 8th till 6:30pm PST on Friday, January 12th. All you need to do is enter the promo code WINTER20.

We here at Blueprint often stress the importance of one-on-one tutoring. There is no substitute for the individualized attention you receive in a tutoring session. I, for one, am not particularly keen on asking questions in a classroom, and I always preferred more intimate interactions for trying to clarify any stumbling blocks in my learning. Even if you are more gung-ho about putting yourself out there in a classroom setting, you will have a more comprehensive ability to go over the aspects of the LSAT that are giving you pause.

Additionally, tutoring ensures that you focus on actually learning, rather than merely completing, the material. Near the end of my LSAT studies, I got into the bad habit of taking practice tests, perfunctorily reviewing my performance, and dwelling too much on my practice scores. Tutoring breaks that pattern by forcing you to actually identify your areas of weakness and develop strategies to overcome those problems.

Blueprint’s tutors and instructors are all highly qualified and, across the board, have performed extremely well on the LSAT. The insight they bring, not only into the mechanics of the questions but also the overall strategies you employ on test day, are exceptionally useful.

If you want a little “hair of the dog,” to snap out of your post-holiday hangover, you should give yourself the gift of tutoring. Remember to enter WINTER20 when purchasing your tutoring package to take advantage of the upcoming sale.

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