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Logical Reasonings / 9.7.18

A. Best of luck to everyone taking the September 2018 LSAT. You got this.

B. Don’t forget to double check all the test day rules and regulations, and also get your admissions ticket, ID, no. 2 wooden pencils, analog wristwatch, and everything else ready to go. LSAC

C. According to LSAC CEO Kellye Testy, the quality of applicants is improving. But don’t let that intimidate you — the quality is improving because of people like you. TaxProf Blog

D. And if you’re still nervous, calm your nerves with these ~chill~ images. Blueprint LSAT

E. Finally, as far as “news” for today goes: Nike unveiled its new “Kaepernaugh” ad campaign, just in time for the 30th anniversary of the Robert Bork confirmation hearing. Above the Law

Logical Reasonings / 9.6.18

A. Here’s a list of all the classes attorneys wish they could have taken in law school. Unsurprisingly — since law schools don’t exactly excel in this area — nearly every entry relates to the practical aspects of being a lawyer. Above the Law

B. Incoming Yale Law School students hoping to take a class with contracts prof and Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother author Amy Chua will be unable to do so. Above the Law

C. The increasingly truculent Kavanaugh confirmation hearings continued today. Senator Corey Booker released confidential documents relating to Kavanaugh’s views on affirmative action, Roe v. Wade, and other matters — a move that could result in his ouster from the Senate. NBC News

D. CNN published a long list of all the White House officials who denied writing that wild NY Times anonymous op-ed. These officials find themselves in a logical bind though. They denied writing the op-ed to CNN. But if CNN is indeed fake news to the White House and that the opposite of what CNN reports is true, it follows that, in the mind the President, they could be admitting to writing the op-ed. CNN

E. Serial, the podcast that taught your mom about podcasts were and taught you about the criminal justice system, will head back to the courtroom for its third season, which begins September 30. @Serial

Logical Reasonings / 9.5.18

A. Tonight at 11:49 pm Pacific is your very last chance to get $300 off our classroom course (with promo code LABORDAY300) and $75 off the first month of an online course subscription (LABORDAY75). Blueprint LSAT

B. Florida Costal School of Law appears to be on its last legs, and may soon meet the same fate as sister schools Charlotte School of Law and Arizona Summit School of Law. ABA Journal

C. Because you Brett-er be informed about the Supreme Court Kavanaugh-minee, follow along with day two of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings here. ABA Journal

D. There are a number of legal issues that affect Twitch users … a digital gaming platform of which I am definitely aware and have used and am not too old to understand. Above the Law

E. Sometimes, when you’re a Hollywood A-lister running a health and wellness brand, you make scientifically dubious claims about an egg that you put … well, that’s not important … but then California prosecutors bring a consumer protection lawsuit against you and you have to settle for the $145,000. Buzzfeed News

Logical Reasonings / 9.4.18

A. Great news! We are extending our Blueprint’s Labor Day Sale! You now have until Wednesday at 11:49 pm Pacific to get $300 off our classroom course (use promo code LABORDAY300) and $75 off the first month of an online course subscription (use promo code: LABORDAY75). Blueprint LSAT

B. Something big is happening on LSAC’s website on September 12 … something involving really big gourds. @Official_LSAT

C. Here are some honest takeaways an anonymous 1L has about the first few weeks at a T14 law school. Above the Law

D. The Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh began today, in which Senate Democrats raised a lot of concerns about the expedited nature of the confirmation. We’ll see if all the fuss will be for Kava-naught when the Senate finally gets around to the vote. Vox

E. Protesters were also a vocal presence at the confirmation hearings, including one whom Senator Orrin Hatch referred to as a “loudmouth” who he hoped was “not a law student.” Perhaps, like the “Trump bump,” this will lead to a surge in law school applicants from the Resistance. The Hatch batch? The Orrin swore-in (once they pass the bar)? We’ll workshop this one. The Hill

Logical Reasonings / 9.3.18

A. It’s your last chance to take advantage of Blueprint’s Labor Day Sale! You have until Tuesday to get $300 off our classroom course with promo code LABORDAY300 or $75 off the first month of an online course subscription with promo code LABORDAY75. Blueprint LSAT

B. Here’s a history of Labor Day — a story that involves explosions, parades, and hourly retail employees working longer hours on a day designed to give them respite from their work. Fortune

C. The President is not wishing a Happy Labor Day to the leader of the largest labor union in the U.S. … Reuters

D. … which kind of undermines his attempt to curry favor with labor unions by renegotiating NAFTA. Politico

E. And if you want to be the smartest-sounding pre-law type in your Labor Day conversations, make sure to read up on and then name drop Janus. The Atlantic

Logical Reasonings / 8.31.18

A. We, like every other company in the greater U.S., are holding Labor Day Sale this weekend! Instead of giving you discounts on random things you don’t need, we’re giving you a discount on the knowledge required to succeed on the LSAT. Whether you want that discount in the form of $300 off our classroom courses (promocode: LABORDAY300) or $75 off the first month of an online course subscription (promo code: LABORDAY75) is up to you. Blueprint LSAT

B. We’re hearing whispers that LSAC is finally entering the brave new world of 1998. It is apparently offering a pilot program at some September test locations to allow test takers bring their newfangled cellular phones into the test centers and deposit the phones into a locked case. More on this later.

C. If you planned on using sleep apnea as a way to get accommodations for taking the Florida state bar exam — and who among us hasn’t? — the Florida Supreme Court put a kibosh on that. ABA Journal

D. An arbitrator gave the OK to send Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case against the NFL to trial. ESPN

E. Colorado Mesa University misspelled “Board” on its diplomas for six years before anyone realized it … which doesn’t speak highly of the team in charge of designing the diplomas, and really doesn’t speak highly of the reading skills that university is instilling in its grads. CNN

Logical Reasonings / 8.31.18

A. Interestingly, early data indicate that the number of people signed up to take LSATs this year is down from last year. This is good news for this year’s law school applicants. @SpiveyConsult

B. The Trump Administration doesn’t have the most sterling record for advancing civil rights, to say the least, but maybe his resentment toward Harvard will compel him to do unexpected things. At any rate, the Justice Department has signaled its support for the group of Asian-Americans suing Harvard Law School for discriminatory admissions policies. LA Times

C. However, Trump’s beneficence will not extend to civilian federal employers, like federal prosecutors and U.S. attorneys … CNN

D. … Or the Mueller-cooperating White House counsel. Slate

E. Feel like you’re losing a grip on reality, bogged down in nothing but the LSAT? Well, we’re not necessarily going to endorse this, but scientists say they have a cure. Inverse

Logical Reasonings / 8.29.18

A. It’s tough to have sympathy for a Harvard law student making the OCI rounds, but this one got a pretty harsh rejection from a firm. Above the Law

B. ATL also stanned for the Institute for the Future of Law Practice Boot Camp, which provides students legal training that law school often fails to do so. Above the Law

C. A Con Law expert weighs in on whether the Trump administration regulating Google search results would violate the First Amendment. Washington Post

D. And *the* Con Law expert weighs in on Kavanaugh’s potential impact on the Supreme Court. ABA Journal

E. Prosecutors in the special counsel asked the judge for more time to decide whether to retry Paul Manafort on the ten charges the first jury was deadlocked on. Reuters

Logical Reasonings / 8.28.18

A. I-N-T-E-S-T-A-C-Y doesn’t have the same ring as R-E-S-P-E-C-T, but it’s nonetheless the status of the Queen of Soul’s estate after she died without a will. Her assets will flow down the chain of fools heirs — but only those who feel like a natural woman descendant — according to Michigan’s probate laws. NY Times

B. Here’s a law professor’s rumination on classism in law school. Above the Law

C. And a pod on helicopter parents in law school — a phenomenon that’s tough to imagine actually existing. ABA Journal

D. A top student loan official at the Department of Education resigned in protest against the “damage” the Trump administration has done to borrowers. Wall Street Journal

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: You can’t just hijack a rival law firm’s web traffic. ABA Journal

Logical Reasonings / 8.27.18

A. The academic year has barely even started at law school, and we already have our first professor controversy. Above the Law

B. The ABA Journal honored “Legal Rebels” who are innovating within the profession. They also made each honoree awkwardly pose with a red construction helmet — to symbolize how they’re building a new legal industry — which is worth the price of admission alone. ABA Journal

C. Most lawyers, however, are fairly risk-adverse … as evidenced by the fact that Angelina Jolie allegedly couldn’t find a single divorce attorney in Los Angeles willing to take on her very public divorce case. The Blast

D. The 11th Circuit just ruled that sharing food with the homeless is expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment. The Sun Sentinel

E. The hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob has shined a light on what stock photo creators think of lawyers. Apparently, they think they’re pedantic Slytherins who wrap evidence in Saran wrap. @Samanticka