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Can legal regulations prevent Judgment Day?

First, let me clear up the click bait headline. When I say “Judgment Day,” I’m talking about the idea, most prominently popularized in the Terminator movies, that machines will rise up and enslave or annihilate the human race. We’ll leave the Revelation stuff alone for now — and, as least as far as this blog is concerned probably for all time.

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Space: The Legal Frontier

So, as a child you dreamed of becoming astronaut-pilot Buzz Lightyear (or Aldrin). But you would get carsick on the way to school, and you realized you would probably make a terrible pilot. So you settled your dreams on becoming a NASA engineer. Hey, as long as you worked on a piece of something that made it into space, it would be like you made it too. Then you burned out of first-year calculus, so you switched to poli sci, and now you find yourself at law school googling “space law.”

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Cyber Law

If there is one area of law that we, as millennials, should care about it, it is Internet law. In keeping with our weekly exploration of somewhat obscure legal topics, this post is dedicated to cyber law. I am pretty smitten with the phrase “cyber law,” so I’m going to repeat it as many times as possible. Cyber law. Anyway, cyber law is the general term that refers to the legal issues related to use of the Internet.

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A Breakdown of Space Law

Space is the final frontier, so it may initially seem strange that there is law governing what happens out there. However, we’ve moved past the time of the Wild West, so space law encompasses international law, national law, and customs that govern the behavior of humans in outer space.

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How Technology Will Help You in the Legal Job Market

Technology isn’t going anywhere. Just about every law student in the country has at least a laptop and a smartphone. As the years continue to roll on, so too will the use of technology in the field of law. Tasks that used to take days and an army of attorneys, such as document review, now take far less time and manpower thanks to the use of assistive technology. It may seem as though technology is squeezing the legal market even further. For those savvy enough to prepare, this need not be the case.

While some may look at technology as the enemy, it is those who decide to make friends with it that will thrive. Knowing how to make efficient use of the software employed by law firms in executing their tasks is a sure way to make oneself an asset. In other words, while in law school, or at a summer job, it would behoove you to learn everything you can about assisted document review and other uses of assistive software in the legal context.

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Cyber Monday Purchases You’ll Need for the December LSAT

It’s Cyber Monday! Which, let’s be honest, really is just an absolute nothing of an event. You can get online deals that are slightly better than the online deals you can normally get? Hooray!

But if you’re the kind of person who was excited for Black Friday, you’ve probably already spent a lot of money you don’t have on stuff you don’t need. So why not spend a little more on stuff you do need? Here are some deals on items you’re going to need for the December LSAT this weekend. Just make sure anything you order online is guaranteed to arrive before Saturday.

Cyber Monday Purchase for the December LSAT I: Watches

There’s a million of these on Amazon, so if you want something nicer than an eight-dollar piece of junk from Target, now might be the time to buy.

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Another Young Entrepreneur Inspired by the LSAT

For those of you who keep up on New York City’s entrepreneurial scene, you’ve probably heard of Sharma Kapur and her startup FoodToEat. The idea came to the 25-year-old Kapur when she got tired of standing in lines at food trucks. Why the frustration? Well, she was upset that she could have been using that time to study for the LSAT. Even though she did take the LSAT, she ended up giving up on law school to instead started a new online food delivery and pickup service. It’s basically like Seamless or GrubHub but with lower fees for the restaurants. Sounds pretty good. Will she be the next Sara Blakely, the law school hopeful who veered off to become a billionaire businesswoman? Only time will tell.

She only has 1,500 registered users as of now, but maybe she could get more if she went back to her roots – LSAT studiers.