Satisfy Your Hunger to Know Food Etiquette in Law School

With the schedules most law students keep, eating can often take a backseat. Between reading, briefing, class and whatever recreational time you can find, you’re often stuck grabbing what you can and eating it when you can. Sometimes the “when” portion of that equation has to occur during class. While I’m not against sneaking a snack or beverage in the cozy confines of the lecture hall, one must be aware of the effect one’s eating has on the other members of the class.

Here’s how to avoid being that student:

Law School Eating Etiquette Tip I: Avoid crunchy items

Pretzels are out. Chips are out. Nuts are probably a no-go as well. There is nothing worse than hearing the constant sound of crunching in your ear while trying to take accurate notes. What’s a hungry law student to do? Grab a protein bar. Grab some beef jerky. Just make sure it’s something that you can eat quietly.

Law School Eating Etiquette Tip II: Wrappers and paper are your enemies

After all that noise about crunchy items you’d probably think a sandwich on nice, soft bread is an ideal option. You might be wrong. Even that jerky I mentioned might be fraught with peril. It’s all in the packaging. Did that sandwich come in a paper wrapper? Be wary. How about the plastic bag that housed your jerky? Noise machine. The solution? Dump your jerky onto a napkin before eating. Take your sandwich out of the wrapper before the lecture starts and lay it on a napkin. Whatever you do, avoid the crumpling din of paper and plastic.

Law School Eating Etiquette Tip III: Big smells are a big problem

Kimchi is awesome. I love it. I also love tuna sandwiches. And curry. And aged cheeses. Would you catch me dead with any of them in a law school classroom? Not likely. Items that smell great at home will be the annoyance of all your classmates once they’re unleashed on their unsuspecting nostrils after being locked away in Tupperware for a few hours. Is a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread as exciting as chicken curry with basmati rice? Not. At. All. Is it the far more acceptable option? You betcha.

Happy in-class feasting!

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  1. Notyrmma says:

    THANK YOU!! Throughout law school I wanted to wring the necks of the people eating chips (with their mouth open no less!), crinkling the bags, etc. But the worst, absolute worst, were the many clueless students cracking their gum. During class. While the profs lectured. I was blown away that supposedly educated “adults” could be so obnoxious and disrespectful. I can only hope they do that in a courtroom and receive a well earned reprimand for their classless act.

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