Logical Reasonings

/ 9.10.15

A) Copyright law ruins everything (such as these YouTube videos of the hardest Super Mario levels ever). Kotaku

B) Here are some tips for new 1Ls other than “do the reading and work really hard.” Above the Law

C) Pats fans and haters are both totally unhinged, as evidenced by these letters to the Deflategate judge. Deadspin

D) In the vein of interview horror stories, here’s one about a callback gone terribly wrong. Above the Law

E) This couple got hammered and made a video about how they met in the style of Comedy Central’s Drunk History. #relationshipgoals Time

One Response

  1. Very logically defined. I particularly agree with the point A. Copyright law definitely needs to be much relaxed. People always try to put one creative into other place. There is no harm if someone mention the creative source, but many times i have seen that some creatives though free from copyright issues, have restrictions later to reuse. That should be more liberal.

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