Logical Reasonings

/ 1.12.18

A. Last chance to get 20% off any tutoring purchase! You have until 6:30 pm PST to gain a guide/mentor/life coach to help tackle the LSAT. Just use promo code WINTER20 at checkout! Blueprint LSAT

B. Here’s a law-themed Instagram account for all your snarky legal meme needs. Above the Law

C. Las Vegas’ new NHL team, the Golden Knights, just got hit with a trademark challenge by the U.S. Army, whose parachute team uses a similar logo. Just like Vegas to make a cheap facsimile. Washington Post

D. The ABA’s case against an underperforming lawsuit, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, heats up with ABA’s summary judgment. ABA Journal

E. Some tips for succeeding in the second semester of 1L. National Jurist

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