Logical Reasonings

/ 2.8.19

A. Yikes — the company that operates Western State College of Law at Argosy in Irvine, California was placed under receivership, which means that students still haven’t gotten their student loan disbursements; many are struggling to pay for living expenses. Above the Law

B. Speaking of the financial realities of attending law school, LSAC just posted an in-depth discussion of that very issue. LSAC

C. Memes that are funny if — and, in all likelihood, only if — you’re a law student. Above the Law

D. Over on Law:Fully, a profile on Mamadou Jawo, a law student at the University of Wisconsin from small West African country The Gambia. Law:Fully

E. Con Law authority Erwin Chemerinsky sees recent SCOTUS decisions as a harbinger of a very conservative future. ABA Journal

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